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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Margiela for H&M

(R) Mirrored Tuxedo Jacket 
Price: $ 199
(L) Margiela Disco Jacket from Spring 09'  
Images from the Margiela x H&M collaboration, which is slated to hit shops on November 15th, are now available and the collection feels very Margiela. As a fan, I really enjoy the collection and I think other fans will too. The price points are also amazing! If you have ever purchased anything from Margiela's mainline collection you would know they do not quite resemble these prices. 

Margiela is known for deconstructing and transforming classic pieces, and his approach to design is very apparent in this awesome collaboration with H&M. For example, the navy and black Fusion of Two Jackets and the Reverse Denim Jacket. One of my personal favorites is a mirrored tuxedo jacket, which was a slightly altered version of the disco tuxedo jacket from Margiela's Spring 09' collection. Also, a piece that reek's of Margiela was a leather belt jacket, which was made up of leather belts in different colors like black, navy, brown, and cognac. That jacket is conceptually similar to the vintage baseball glove jacket from this past couture season. 

Just think, when you sing along to, "Ni**as in Paris," and recite Kanye's line, 'What's that jacket? Margiela.' You actually are wearing Margiela, sort of.

(L) Leather Belt Jacket
Price: $399
(R) Fusion of Two Jackets
Price: $149

(L) Reverse Denim Jacket
Price: $129
(R) Trompe L'oeil High-Top
Price: $129

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