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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why Buy Shorts?


Denim shorts or cut-offs are an item I just refuse to spend money on. Why spend money on a new pair of shorts when you possibly have an old pair of jeans that fit, but you just do not wear. I was going through a bin of old jeans checking to see what fit, what didn't, and what was going to Good Will. I came across an old pair of Citizens of Humanity boot cut jeans from my early college days. Before the early stages of the skinny jean craze may I add. Anyway, when I tried them on they still fit really well and the last time I wore them was in college. I knew I desperately needed a new pair of shorts, so I cut them. Crisis averted and money well-saved! 

Making jeans into shorts is really easy and it literally took me not even 15 minutes to make. Just mark where you want them cut, I'd suggest above-the-knee, especially if you have nice legs, and cut-away. Please keep in mind, after a wash they will shrink a bit so my advice when cutting is to leave room for shrinkage and not cut them too short. You do not need anything falling out of your shorts on the subway if you get my drift. 

The funniest part of going through old jeans is finding the bits you forgot you had in your pocket. You might find money, those keys that just disappeared, or rolling papers like I did.

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