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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Did A Fashion Coincidence Occur In Milan?

(R) A look from Moschino's SS 13 Collection
(L) A look from Marlon Gobel's SS 12 Collection

While reviewing the Milan menswear shows their was something very familiar about Moschino's Supermarket Chic runway show. From the set design that resembled the detergent aisle at an Italian supermarket, to the Budweiser-esque prints that dominated Moschino's runway I felt that I've seen these elements before. I then recalled a very similar set-design at New York designer Marlon Gobel's spring 12 collection. Marlon’s SUPER-MART set featured walls of Lays, Doritos, and Cheetos displayed as if you were at your local 7 Eleven. Marlon also debuted a Budweiser sweater tied around the waist on the stunning Sebastian Suave.

Although Marlon would not comment on the similarity between Moschino’s recent men’s collection and his spring/summer 12 Super-Mart inspired collection he did speak on why he referenced the very American idea of a Super-Mart and states, “It’s extremely sophisticated in the way that it’s created to entice you and draw you in and that’s what clothes are about. They’re there to draw attention to yourself.” The ideology of the supermarket has been a strong influence to many pop artists such as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and most recently Liu Bolin. 
So my question is, was this a blatant knockoff of an up-and-coming designers collection or a mere coincidence? 

 Super-Mart set at 
Marlon Gobel's SS12 Collection


Anonymous said...

The BUDWEISER sweater is not even made by Marlon Gobel.

You can purchase them at:

Ryan said...

Thanks for your comment and link Mr Anonymous. Marlon's sweater is hand-knit and the collection in question debuted in September of 2011 during New York Fashion Week.

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