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Saturday, April 28, 2012

SUPER Aviators

Giaguaro Ndebele- Special Edition (Top)

Price: $259 

Léon (Bottom)

Price: $249 

I've been a fan of SUPER eyewear for quite sometime and feature them in a lot of my editorials (most recently here). On my last showroom appointment, I fell in love with the Léon, an over-sized aviator and SUPER's first successful attempt at designing a full metal silhouette. The Léon is a great take on an already perfect classic featuring a single bridge rather than a nose piece and is offered in green, blue (my favorite), and yellow.
The Giaguaro Ndeble is a limited edition frame with only 120 produced and inspired by the beautiful South African Ndeble tribe. The Ndeble tribe make up two-thirds of the South African population and are known for their amazingly large, colorful, and geometric murals that women paint on their houses. Tribal prints are in for spring, see Burberry. If full-on tribal ensembles are not your style these frames are a great way of adding a little of the tribal trend in your wardrobe.
Giaguaro Ndeble

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