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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Impulse Buy

A few weeks ago, a friend/client asked me if I could take him shopping to assist in updating his wardrobe. We go to Barney's because it's the best one-stop shop for cool shit. We get him a pair of jeans and head over to shoe heaven and get him into a pair of patent leather and suede Lanvin trainers. When I look to my right, I see a pair of Margiela high-tops I used on a shoot earlier this summer. I loved that hi-top! So much, I said if I were to see them in black I would consider buying them. So, there they were in black, on sale half off, and calling my name. I saw those infamous red giant initials that read, "LP," and gasped a bit. There is something about the giant initials for last pair that makes you crave the shoe even more. I shimmied my foot into it, checked for fit, and hit the register. It was one of those impulse purchases you see Carrie Bradshaw make in Sex in the City. I waited a week or two before I wore them because I'm not keen on making impulse purchases- it's not like we are talking about a pair of jeans from H&M here. Some purchases require some thought... I thought, and thought, and tried them on some more until I decided to keep them.

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