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Friday, November 5, 2010

Store Profile: MiN New York

Several weeks ago, I was invited to visit a new apothecary in Soho called MiN New York. I love anything new and I am a total sucker for beauty products, but when you have been to one apothecary you have been to them all, right? Wrong, which is why I like MiN New York. Their philosophy is, "The world does not need more products. It needs better products." Better products and an even better experience is what MiN New York has to offer. For me, the worst part about entering a beauty department at stores is the obnoxious spritzer girls that attack you with these obnoxious, alcoholy scents that leave you smelling like a whorehouse because you have been sprayed by 5 different scents. Thankfully, that is not part of the experience at MiN New York. Everything from the vintage rolling ladder and vintage airplane propeller, to their signature brand Linari, to the mounted set of horn straight razors- all meticulously curated, like a museum, to better serve you, their clientele. It is a destination for refined, global-minded individuals with savvy style, basically, for someone with exceptional taste who knows what they want. One of my favorite products offered is the Taylor of Old Bond Street, lavender shaving cream. It is offered in 10 wonderful different scents and is manufactured in a continuing family tradition since the reign of Queen Victoria. The luxury shaving cream creates a smooth a creamy lather while protecting and moisturizing your skin.

You will find exclusive fragrances at MiN that you will not even find at Bergdorf's. One of MiN's exclusives is Linari Fine Fragrances, which as been one of Germany's sought after luxury scents. It offers clients a range of fragrances, everything from: Eau de Parfum's, candles, diffusers and room sprays. The Buona Notte scent by Linari is one of my favorites.

Another MiN exclusive is their own line of men's hair strengthening products that rebalance the physical properties of the hair and scalp. The cleansing system removes impurities using all natural ingredients essential for healthy hair and scalp.

117 Crosby Street
New York, NY 10012

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