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Monday, October 25, 2010

Ferragamo Launches Ferragamo WORLD

Ferragamo WORLD, is a new chic and casual line of men's shoes, which supports Acumen Fund a non-profit organization actively involved in projects that address global poverty in South Asia and East Africa. Italian City Casual, is the motto that sums up the essence of Ferragamo WORLD. Less formal, relaxed, sophisticated and representative of an urban lifestyle. The collection if made up of 6 models in select leathers with a rubber sole: desert boots, moccasins with or without signature hardware and sporty models with a college and tennis feel. You are probably wondering leather, suede and rubber does not sound very 'sustainable,' but there has been much attention paid to the procedures and materials used to minimize the impact on the environment during its manufacturing process. The selected leathers use the latest generation water tanning processes and water based adhesives are used which minimize any kind of harmful waste.

Acumen Fund is a non-profit venture that invests patient capital in entrepreneurial approaches to deliver life-sustaining affordable goods and services to the world's poor. Acumen Fund brings together philanthropic donors and business experts to invest in sustainable enterprises that grow to reach hundreds of people. Through Acumen Fund, the line will aid enterprises in India, Pakistan, and East Africa that deliver goods and services such as safe drinking water, clean energy, agricultural tools that improve income, vital healthcare interventions and affordable housing.

All footwear is available in stores now and retail between $275-340. For more information on Acumen Fund's activities and investments, visit

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great selection!!

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