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Thursday, May 27, 2010

GO Smile...

There is nothing worse than stained teeth- I skeeve it. Yellow stained teeth are on The Most Horrible Things To Happen To Your Mouth List next to cavities and halitosis. Although, I have never had my teeth whiten professionally I am a MAJOR sucker for teeth whitening products. When I visit the dentist for my cleaning and check-up I always ask, "Are my teeth white enough?" Just for proof and confirmation I make them bring out a chart with these little fake teeth with different shades of white and not-so-white teeth. I always make it to the whitest on the chart (YES!) but my teeth never seem to be as white as say Whitney Houston. Who, by the way, has to have the whitest teeth on the entire Universe. Google image a picture of Ms. Whitney Houston's teeth if you don't believe me. I'm sure they're veneers but I still love them.

I remember going to a Yigal Azrouel show, back when gift bags were de rigueur at the shows, and receiving a teeth whitening product by GO SMiLE called FlashLiTES. It was like hitting the jackpot! But I was never able to find them again or perhaps I never looked hard enough. One day, the Legendary GILT GROUPE had a sale on GO SMiLE and I ordered two Flashlites packets. In each packet, comes 7 single use touch-up viles. If you are waiting for the answer to the magical question- Do they work? Yes, they do! I'm kind of obsessed. Not only do they whiten your teeth but they also freshen your breath- perfect for that special first date, or after drinking coffee or red-wine or a smoke. Red stained teeth and cigarette breath are never in fashion! If you are going to use them on a first date do not, I repeat, do not use them at the table. That is if you want a second date. GO Smile Flashlites motto is Anytime-Anywhere, but make sure it's an appropriate Anytime-Anywhere.

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