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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What to Pack...

This evening, I leave for South Dakota. I bet your head just tilted to the side and your eyebrows arched with a confused face that reads, “Why are you going to South Dakota for?” Well, to answer that question, I am going to meet the Parents. Huge step, yes I know, but what the hell am I going to pack? Of course that would consume my thoughts! As I write, I have a bed covered with folded clothes and I do not have a clue what is actually going into my carry-on. A co-worker of mine said she likes to dress according to her atmosphere, i.e., if you’re in Miami you bring something more cheese-a-rella and if you go to LA you bring more casual. I get it. So, if I take Erin’s advice what do I bring? ‘Brokeback Mountain’ inspired apparel. So not me! The closest thing I have to mountain or hiking anything is a lined flannel and its Marc Jacobs from Fall 09. So, obviously, that’s def being packed, but what the hell else? Hiking shoes? Don’t own! Closest thing is perhaps suede Pierre Hardy desert boots. Since, the weather might be a bit shady I’m thinking knits. Maybe Yigal? Anything from his first men’s collection never fails me. I need to hurry up and get packing! Wish me luck!


ricola said...

u made my day, Mr. Mack. :)

Ryan said...

Thank you Ricola! :)

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