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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eco-Friendly Undies

Since, today is Earth Day I wanted to present to you Piado, an eco-friendly line that focuses on the basics: underwear. Piado's undies are made from Bamboo, which is the fastest growing plant on Earth. Bamboo is lighter, softer, cooler and more comfortable than cotton. It also helps to reduce carbon dioxide gases that contribute to Global Warming. From undies to the packaging Piado makes eco-friendly decisions using packaging from recycled paper and is committed to green business practices, which is great, do offices really need fax machines anyway? Other than being a waste of paper the idea of faxing is so 80's and archaic.

When my Piado undies came in the mail I was curious of its fit and how they would wear after several washes. I must admit they are one of the most comfortable undies I own and are very light- as if you had nothing on. The fabric does breathe better than your average cotton undies, which keeps you cool, because bamboo wicks away moisture keeping the body dry. Piado's undies are in fact very comfortable and wear well. In honor of good undies and Earth Day everyone should purchase a pair of eco-friendly undies.

Prices range from $20 for briefs to $24 for the boxer-briefs.


marriott said...

Hey! It's nice to read someone so interested in fashion. Check out this store: for some really exciting things in men's clothing.

ricola said...

Ryan, by chance was the matching body on sale as well?

Ryan said...

Don't we wish Ricola!

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