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Monday, April 5, 2010

Behind The Scenes of IDOL Magazine's 'Forever Young'

Here are some behind the scenes images of IDOL Magazine's 'Forever Young,' which was shot in Williamsburg. Although I had a model drop out and had to send another one, home, it turned out really well. Jase, our model, was such a trooper I cannot wait to work with him again. Thanks to everyone who worked hard on this shoot. I will keep you updated when the shoot goes live on IDOL!

UPDATE: Click here to see 'Forever Young on IDOL Magazine's site.

Do we have it yet? Nope! Keep shooting please...

In this pic I was over all the behind the scenes images.

Manfredi shooting the lovely Jase in Williamsburg.
I love that blue Timo Weiland sweater!

Are they short enough? Never too short!
I live for short shorts!

Ms. Tricia working and organizing that's why I hired her!

My other assistants, Edwin and Marlene, "working..."
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