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Monday, January 25, 2010

Sheer Madness

While going through the Spring 2010 shows and adding things to my
please-buy-me-list I noticed sheer garments are having a bit of moment. Dior Homme, Prada and Calvin Klein have given us a little sheer or a lot of sheer something's for spring. Everything from sheer tanks and tees to button downs, blazers, and even trousers-thanks to Ms. Prada. Most men stay clear from sheer. If you have the body for it why not wear it. Perhaps, they think they will look a bit queer, but I think it can be sexy on the right guy. Pair it with a great fitting blazer and you'll have a great look for a night on the town. I must admit-I'm a sucker for a sheer shirt, especially black and this spring/summer they are so many amazing sheer options available.

I love the sheer jacket sleeves at Calvin Klein- so minimal, so clean, so Calvin, and so amazing. They were beautifully paired with a shirt and tie, chinos, and desert boots. I would kill to wear that jacket for fashion week. Kris Van Assche hit a home run with sheer at Dior. Although, there were tons of sheer black he played with brown and grey as well. I expect to be broke and pan-handling New York subways this spring/summer for those sheer shirts and jackets and it will be so worth it. Prada did the best sheer meshy polos, trousers and topcoats this season. Doing what she knows best Ms. Prada taking classic pieces, like the polo, and tweaking it in her own way. With all this sheer going around for spring/summer I suggest you start hitting the gym. Six packs are not included with those Dior sheer tanks! David Barton anyone?

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ZY(Zakuro Yugo) said...

It's a bit difficult for men to dress Sheer, isn't it?
I mean, sometimes some guys look too showy in Sheer.
So, i think guys should observe color, transparency and design which fit for them.

Prada, Calvin, Dior,,,
I like these Sheer a lot, too;)

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