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Monday, December 14, 2009

Don't Sweat Sweats

I have never been a fan of trends- especially, when the trend of the season happens to be sweat pants. Sweat pants have been featured on many Spring 2010 runways- designers like Yigal Azrouel, Genarra, Chronicles of Never, and Band of Outsiders have all presented sweat pants as the next "IT" thing everyone should have. Oak, one of New York hippest boutiques, is selling cashmere sweats- go figure! Wearing sweatpants outside of the gym is just so odd to me. Wearing them elsewhere is like wearing a Speedo while shopping for organic strawberries at Whole Foods. No gym no sweats, no pool, no Speedo. Sweat pant aficionados say, "I just want to be comfortable," but the being "comfortable" excuse only translates to laziness- especially after 10 am. Is a pair of Levi's and desert boots that uncomfortable? Probably not! So, if you decide to buy into the sweat pants trend, whether they are the old-school tight-at-the-ankles style, a la Champion Sportswear, or are made of cashmere- just keep in mind sweat pants are still sweat pants no matter the price point or designer label. Ladies you aren't excuse either!


iñaki said...

I am dying to get only one pair of the best cut ones. But I can't find them... I hate sweatpants on me.

Ryan said...

I have a pair from Chronicles of Never Spring 2010 Collection that I wear to sleep. They are comfy to lounge around the house in.

Alisa Marie said...

i agree. sweatpants should be worn in limited areas. since you have so much energy ryan, perhaps you can design signs reading "sweatpant area" "sweatpants beyond this point may put you in danger." or what about sneakers like you know nikes? no. no. no.

you know what? if there weren't two wars going on, i would say that we should start a movement saying SWEATPANTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE HOUSE.

yep. it's like juicy couture. yuck! now i have to go.


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