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Monday, December 7, 2009

Android Homme for High-Top Enthusiasts

I would like to introduce to you Android Homme, a sneaker brand that would drive most sneaker enthusiasts mad. Android has recently launched their Holiday Collection entitled Propulsion II, a collection of bold and dramatic high-top sneakers- kicks that are made to be noticed. Android Homme products are designed to metaphorically reflect the way all humans are inherently programmed beings, similar to computers. The logo inspiration is derives from the divine proportion, the physical nature that keeps harmony and unity in the universe the ascension points towards the creator or your higher self. It represents the mind, body, and spirit, all of which keep us conscious. The duotone silhouette is inspired by the sleekness of a rocket ship. All styles in these awesomely detailed kicks speak to the design philosophy that creatively merges street sensibility with luxury aesthetics. The collection features premium materials including patent, pigskin, and pebbled leathers, as well as microfiber suede. The Propulsion II embodies the positive/negative charge, or yin and yang polarity, which is offered in a limited run of 200 pairs.

Android Homme can be purchased on their site and is also sold at stores like Atrium, Pulse and Probus in NYC. Click here for retailers outside the New York area.


1 comment:

iñaki said...

I love those! But my favourite are these red and green Lanvin!

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