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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hunting for Collar Stays

Collar Stays by Barneys New York

A few years ago, a friend of mine gave me stainless steel collar stays as a graduation gift. They are the perfect set of six in various sizes. They came in black lizard embossed box with velvet lining- so perfect. Every man should have something similar to keep his stays in. I thought this would be a great stocking stuffer gift for my bf, but who the hell would have thought it would be such a pain the ass to find something like it.

Barneys was my first destination, naturally, but before I left the house I gave the men's accessories department a ring and the sad sales girl told me they had them in. I hauled ass to Barneys and when I arrived- everyone on the sales floor (because I asked everyone) said they sold-out. Can you imagine the state of fury I was in? I was forced to go to the legendary Bloomies on 59th Street and the only thing they had to offer was a set of eight in a tacky clear plastic box, which reminds me of the same clear plastic box you get your pot in. I purchased it out of desperation.

The next day I went to Nordstrom where I was offered slightly different options by David Donahue and Würkin. Although, the David Donahue collar stays did come in an actual box- I just did not appreciate his name splattered on every collar stay and I was just over the Würkin's magnet stay shtick. What ever happened to our simple and plain collar stays?

I have returned the collar stays from Bloomindales. Sorry Bloomies, but you should not have discontinued that perfect leather box set. Some say I'm just a pain in the ass, but I think I know what I want. Nothing wrong with that! I will have to wait until Barneys receive a new shipment. Hopefully, their sales people will it have together by then...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Meet Tyson Ritter of All-American Rejects

For those in the LA area, swing by the Original Penguin store on Melrose to meet Tyson Ritter of the All American Rejects tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Don't Sweat Sweats

I have never been a fan of trends- especially, when the trend of the season happens to be sweat pants. Sweat pants have been featured on many Spring 2010 runways- designers like Yigal Azrouel, Genarra, Chronicles of Never, and Band of Outsiders have all presented sweat pants as the next "IT" thing everyone should have. Oak, one of New York hippest boutiques, is selling cashmere sweats- go figure! Wearing sweatpants outside of the gym is just so odd to me. Wearing them elsewhere is like wearing a Speedo while shopping for organic strawberries at Whole Foods. No gym no sweats, no pool, no Speedo. Sweat pant aficionados say, "I just want to be comfortable," but the being "comfortable" excuse only translates to laziness- especially after 10 am. Is a pair of Levi's and desert boots that uncomfortable? Probably not! So, if you decide to buy into the sweat pants trend, whether they are the old-school tight-at-the-ankles style, a la Champion Sportswear, or are made of cashmere- just keep in mind sweat pants are still sweat pants no matter the price point or designer label. Ladies you aren't excuse either!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Android Homme for High-Top Enthusiasts

I would like to introduce to you Android Homme, a sneaker brand that would drive most sneaker enthusiasts mad. Android has recently launched their Holiday Collection entitled Propulsion II, a collection of bold and dramatic high-top sneakers- kicks that are made to be noticed. Android Homme products are designed to metaphorically reflect the way all humans are inherently programmed beings, similar to computers. The logo inspiration is derives from the divine proportion, the physical nature that keeps harmony and unity in the universe the ascension points towards the creator or your higher self. It represents the mind, body, and spirit, all of which keep us conscious. The duotone silhouette is inspired by the sleekness of a rocket ship. All styles in these awesomely detailed kicks speak to the design philosophy that creatively merges street sensibility with luxury aesthetics. The collection features premium materials including patent, pigskin, and pebbled leathers, as well as microfiber suede. The Propulsion II embodies the positive/negative charge, or yin and yang polarity, which is offered in a limited run of 200 pairs.

Android Homme can be purchased on their site and is also sold at stores like Atrium, Pulse and Probus in NYC. Click here for retailers outside the New York area.


Nail My Finger Giles

Last week was the Giles and Brother sample sale and I went determined to find the Railroad Spike Ring I used on Henley and I- it was the only thing I really wanted. It was the only one there, so, I guess it was meant to be. I picked up the ring along with an Anchors Away pin.
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