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Monday, October 5, 2009

Zara Celebrates Keith Haring

Zara Man is launching a collection of exclusive tees with pop art graphics by the late legendary artist and social activist Keith Haring. The collection consisting of four tees and two sweatshirts will go on sale this week at Zara locations in over 60 countries. The tees, which feature and highlight Keith Haring's fondness for bold lines and active figures, will be debuted in numerous Zara windows all over the world in cities like: New York, London, Paris, Madrid and Berlin, just to name a few. Keith Haring was an amazing artist whose work reflects major socio-political themes of the late 80's. One of Keith's legendary pieces is his infamous "CRACK IS WACK" mural located on 128th Street and 2nd Avenue, which was inspired by the crack epidemic's effect on New York City in 1986. It was created as a warning and was executed independently by Haring and still exists today. His work carries messages of vitality and unity. This is a celebration of Keith Haring's work and all he believed in.

UPDATE: All at retail for $29.90 and sweatshirts for $59.90.

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