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Friday, October 23, 2009

Maison Margiela for Les Ateliers Ruby

Safety-helmets are kind of annoying and not attractive, which is why some people do not wear them. I'm not saying it's a justifiable reason because one should wear a helmet and not compromise life for beauty, which is the motto of luxury helmet manufacture Les Ateliers Ruby. Perhaps, skateboard kids and cyclist would be more inclined to wear a helmet if they were as cool as this limited edition Maison Martin Margiela helmet for Les Ateliers Ruby. With luxurious lambskin lining and distinctive drawings inspired by graffiti on the Maison actual window makes this retro inspired helmet kind of sick. Only 600 Pavilion style helmets were made worldwide.

If you are not familiar with Ruby helmets, they are manufactured by carbon fibers- a technology used in aerospace technology, which guarantees maximum strength and ultra-lightness.

Price: $1,195


Luca said...

i want it!!!!! :) love your blog.

Ryan said...

Thank you! :)

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