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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kiehl's for Man's Best-Friend

Today’s feature is Kiehl's for Canine; something different for What He Wears. Why? Because what he wears is just as important as what you wear. You should never subject your hair to TRESemme, for example, nevertheless your pup. Hair products we use on ourselves can potentially dry your pup’s coat and make it look like a Brillo pad. Thank goodness for Kiehl's Cuddly-Coat for Man's Best-Friend. It really does make Cooper’s coat super-soft and gives his coat a light Lavender scent, which makes me more inclined to have him sleep in my bed. Lavender scented coat or TRESemme scented? You decide.

This is Cooper's What He Wears debut!

Kiehl's Cuddly-Coat Shampoo & Conditioner

Price: $16

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