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Monday, September 28, 2009

Burberry's Carrot Leg Trousers for Fall

What happens when you combine a harem pant and a tailored trouser? You get this handsome carrot pant by Burberry Prorsum. If you are not a fan of pleated trousers these from Burberry Prorsum's Pre-Fall Collection can make one change their mind. When you say, "Pleated trousers,” you might think of the trousers you saw on the pleasantly plumped sales guy at Best Buy, but I assure you, the guy with the onion bagel breathe who sold you that fridge last fall, is not wearing these. These trousers are made by Doeskin wool, which is blend of virgin wool and nylon with a low napped finished on one side. Definitely not your average Dockers, eh? Truthfully, I am usually not a fan of pleated trousers, but this pair is by far the most handsome pleated trousers I've seen in a while.

Pleated Carrot Leg Wool Trousers
Price: $750

3 comments: said...

Zara knocked them off, though of course, not as luxuriously!

Ryan said...

They were heavily inspired my Burberry Prorsum this season.

ricola said...

I love them both.

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