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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Designer Watch: The Local Firm

Richard Hutchinson and Axel Nyhage founded The Local Firm in the fall of 2007. The Local Firm combines high-fashion attire with innovative jean design. The brand's concept is inspired by art, architecture and design from the former east-block. Richard and Axcel's design concept, "A contrast of status," combines garments and materials that distinguish themselves by contrasting one another.

The Local Firm as developed into a bridge line called The Local Firm REFINED. The exclusive and limited edition line refines and reinterprets pieces from previous collections or other products by molding them in accordance with The Firm's aesthetics. With Project 2009, they have hand picked vintage garments and fused them with garments from The Local Firm's collection, resulting in classic attire brought to new function. All pieces are numbered and hand-made in Sweden and Italy.

This spring, the design duo has launched The Local Firm SPECTACLES. The "Shadow," with its thick grey frame, was inspired from 3D glasses and 80's electro beats. "Shadow" embodies the brands grey color palette.

The Local Firm will make their US debut in January 2010.

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Caleb Poling said...

I talked to some people from the Local firm, so nice. Love the line

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