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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Branding the Man

Recently the number of men who are responsible for shopping is increasing at a very fast rate. Retailers, buyers and designers have noticed this steady increase in men's shopping and have made some changes in their strategies. J. Crew has opened several shops where men no longer have to walk pass skirts and bikini's to get to their favorite pair of chinos and cable-knit sweaters. You may find more posh boutiques exclusively for men, like, Kesner New York, whose focus is providing clothes that are more accessible to today's man.

Allworth Press is releasing a book entitled, Branding the Man by Bertrand Pellegrin. Branding the Man, examines what has changed in today's modern man and his shopping choices. Additionally, it engages the reader in a discussion of men's retail environments at every level, for example, buying and sourcing, store design, merchandising and advertising. Pellegrin offers an analysis on the sociology of the consumer, and the strategic solutions for buyers, retailers, brand managers and designers. Retailers like Saks should take all the advice they can get.

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Bertrand Pellegrin said...

Always enjoy Ryan's insights and personal fashion adventures. Thank you for reviewing my book too.

Cheers -

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