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Friday, August 28, 2009

Band of Outsiders Fall Look Book

Here is Band of Outsiders latest look book featuring Jason Schwartzman.

Images via Refinery29

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Little Pony

Ever since Tod's debuted those "pony" hair moccasins in cammoflauge, zebra, and leopard I am starting to notice more and more pony haired shoes. While surfing the Gucci site, I noticed these two pony haired shoes that have made their way to my wish list. I have to get them. Problem is which pair do I purchase first lace-ups or loafers? Either way it's a win-win situation!

Fashion Night Out Commercial

Like I need an excuse to shop!

The White Shirt

The other day someone asked me, "When all else fails what do you wear?" I replied with, "... A white shirt." There is nothing more crisp, clean and chic than a white shirt. It is the one thing in your wardrobe you can never have too many of and that is appropriate for all occasions; its' fool proof. Jeanie, our intern, teases me by gasping when I wear a shirt other than white. It's my uniform. When I saw this Richard Chai shirt I had to get it. It was all about the details across the shoulders.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Branding the Man

Recently the number of men who are responsible for shopping is increasing at a very fast rate. Retailers, buyers and designers have noticed this steady increase in men's shopping and have made some changes in their strategies. J. Crew has opened several shops where men no longer have to walk pass skirts and bikini's to get to their favorite pair of chinos and cable-knit sweaters. You may find more posh boutiques exclusively for men, like, Kesner New York, whose focus is providing clothes that are more accessible to today's man.

Allworth Press is releasing a book entitled, Branding the Man by Bertrand Pellegrin. Branding the Man, examines what has changed in today's modern man and his shopping choices. Additionally, it engages the reader in a discussion of men's retail environments at every level, for example, buying and sourcing, store design, merchandising and advertising. Pellegrin offers an analysis on the sociology of the consumer, and the strategic solutions for buyers, retailers, brand managers and designers. Retailers like Saks should take all the advice they can get.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ephtée Lux Trunks at Leffot

During New York Fashion Week, Leffot, who's known for its beautiful selection of ready-to-wear, made-to-measure and Bespokes men's shoes will be participating in Fashion's Night Out.

On the evening of Thursday, September 10th, Leffot will be holding a trunk show for Ephtée Trunks. The collection will consist of trunks made to hold a man's collection of shoes when travelling. You may also find polishing caskets filled with the finest maintenance products. The hand-made trunks are made in Bordeaux,France of the finest woods and in an array of colors, trimmed in leather and brass. Since these gorgeous and luxurious trunks are made-to-order your options are as endless as your Amex allows.

Leffot's Fashion Night Out
Dates: September 10th-12th

10 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014

Monday, August 17, 2009

Detox Relapsed Skin

We put our skin through drama by what we do, don't do and are exposed to on a day-to-day basis, and with time the drama begins to unfold and becomes visible. Fine lines and uneven skin are a result of all the drama. Detoxify your relapsed skin with a Detox Face Mask by Malin + Goetz. If you are as obsessed, as I am with products that you can feel working then this is a product worth trying.

If you live in New York you know how gross the humidity can be in the summer. Waiting for trains on sweltering platforms for what feels like an eternity can force you to want to go home and deep cleanse that grossness away. To lift dirt and grim, apply the gel and watch it instantly begin to foam, while foaming you will feel tingly sensations that will make your skin experience Nirvana. Allow the foaming mask to sit for 5 minutes and it will begin to lift dirt and oil, while moisturizing, hydrating, and firming your skin. The Face mask contains Vitamin E, which works as an antioxidant and Vitamin C smoothes those wicked fine lines. Once 5 minutes have passed simply remove the foam with a tissue or warm washcloth, then moisturize.

Detox Face Mask

Price: $40 for 4.0 oz

Malin + Goetz

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Try New Things

About two weeks ago, my blackberry was buzzing about a Gilt FUSE Pilot Sale; it was rumored prices would be discounted to almost free prices points. Of course, I jumped on that train as soon as it pulled in. I found this gorg Oversized Marc Jacobs Collection blazer at that exact price- almost free. I must confess my hesitance in purchasing an oversized blazer, as anything oversized is just not my style. I purchased it anyway saying it was significantly discounted is an understatement and if it did not work for me, then I would have a new addition to my styling closet. The oversized blazer is more Mary-Kate and a bit 80’s than I am used to. I thought, perhaps, I should alter it just a bit, but after wearing it and coaxing from Jeremiah and Yoda at Aloha Rag not to alter it- I love it and let well enough alone. You know the saying; if it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Those familiar with my personal style know I have a very specific taste when it comes to fashion and style. I have tried something new still in the realm of my minimal aesthetic just a different silhouette. Isn’t that what fashion is about? It’s all about experimenting and elevating your personal style.

Unfortunately, Gilt FUSE will only host sales exclusively for contemporary women's wear labels.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Make Me Over Perry Ellis

Image courtesy of Perry Ellis

Ever look in your closet and feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear? Or just completely exhausted and bored to tears with shopping in your closet? Believe it or not it happens to me quite often. Complain no more because Perry Ellis is here to save you from your dim and drab closet.

Applicants for the “Perry Ellis: MAKE ME OVER!” contest must send a ‘before’ picture and submit a minimum 200 word essay stating why they would like a ‘new look for fall’ from Perry Ellis. This will then be submitted to our panel of judges (which include Perry Ellis Sr. Vice President of Design & Merchandising John Crocco, Senior Vice-President of Marketing Pablo de Echevarria, and the founders of our New York based advertising agency Charles DeCaro and Rocco Laspata) to select 10 national winners.

Winners will then go into a participating Perry Ellis retailer across the country and meet with our local Retail Coordinator to get their new fall look by Perry Ellis, and have their ‘after’ photo taken! Applicants will be judged based upon a minimum 200 word written essay that demonstrates need, persuasiveness, creativity and originality.

Pictures and information about the contest will be posted on the Perry Ellis blog, Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites. Essays from the 10 winners will be posted at the discretion of the Perry Ellis panel of judges. Winners will be notified by September 15th, 2009. No applicant will be considered who does not provide all contact information: email address, mailing address, phone number.

Applications must be submitted to Colleen Adams at no later than midnight Monday, August 31st.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pre-Order Oak's Men's Collections

View the new Oak and Oak Black Label Collections for fall, with an exclusive in-store preview that will let you be the first to see and first to shop at the bond st store, and online.

Also launching this evening, oak black label: limited edition versions of our favorite oak styles, in leather, fur and cashmere. these pieces are made to order and available at this event only.

Topman's Tee Give-A-Way

Enter for a chance to win a Topman Retro Tee by sending What He Wears a pic of your best ensemble. Email pics to Winner takes home a Retro Tee of their choice. Good Luck!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vanity Fair's 2009 International Best-Dressed List

Vanity Fair has released their annual Best-Dressed List. French Vogue's Carine Roitfeld was oddly absent from the list and legendary photographer Bruce Weber was oddly present under "Originals." President Obama and his First Lady Michelle Obama were also on the list but we knew that was coming. Michelle Obama shared her spot on the list with Carla Bruni of France. Other obviously present names on the list were Lapo Elkin of Fiat, Stavros Niarchos and Daniel Craig, oh and Brad Pitt. When this issue comes out every year I always say," I will be on this list someday." Instead, I added my name to the list that's my way of putting that energy into the universe. You think VF will want stylist/bloggers on their list? Only time will tell!

Vanity Fair's Best-Dressed List

Designer Watch: The Local Firm

Richard Hutchinson and Axel Nyhage founded The Local Firm in the fall of 2007. The Local Firm combines high-fashion attire with innovative jean design. The brand's concept is inspired by art, architecture and design from the former east-block. Richard and Axcel's design concept, "A contrast of status," combines garments and materials that distinguish themselves by contrasting one another.

The Local Firm as developed into a bridge line called The Local Firm REFINED. The exclusive and limited edition line refines and reinterprets pieces from previous collections or other products by molding them in accordance with The Firm's aesthetics. With Project 2009, they have hand picked vintage garments and fused them with garments from The Local Firm's collection, resulting in classic attire brought to new function. All pieces are numbered and hand-made in Sweden and Italy.

This spring, the design duo has launched The Local Firm SPECTACLES. The "Shadow," with its thick grey frame, was inspired from 3D glasses and 80's electro beats. "Shadow" embodies the brands grey color palette.

The Local Firm will make their US debut in January 2010.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Give Me The Boot

A few weeks ago, I went Suit Hunting at Aloha Rag. I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peek at some of the fall merchandise that will be arriving. These sneak peeks often get me in trouble! I fell in love with these Ann Demeulemeester pony hair boots. What I like about these boots other than the pony hair is that they're not heavy looking like construction boots. You can wear with anything from drop-crotch trousers to cashmere long johns. These sick Demeulemeester boots are now available for purchase.

Ann Demeulemeester
Pony Hair Boots
Price: $1,575
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