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Thursday, July 30, 2009

TM Contribute Interviews The Rakes

In this exclusive interview, The Rakes chat with TM Contribute after there headlining performance at 1 2 3 4 Shoreditch, which is a music festival in East London. They talk about how they met, the unsavoury Lady Gaga comment, and their experience headlining a tour. Check them out they could be back in The States soon! Check out their video for "22 Grand Job," they are pretty sharp dudes! Maybe I can get them for What He Wears

Q. How did you meet / form the band?

1 The East London connection isn't really that we're from here as such, more we played loads of our early gigs here. We were connected through work and uni... from there basically decided to form a band! A few rehearsals later, and we started gigging!!

Q. 22 Grand Job : Has this become a reality yet?!

1Ten fold. Golfing in Monaco, parties on the yacht, it's really going quite well. It's a good job Shoreditch is a tax haven!

Q. You've said before that 22 Grand Job was a celebration of getting a job in the does touring compare with an office job?!

1Its such a different lifestyle...there's a slight routine in touring - and we've got to say it's a bit gross on the tour bus at times...! But yeah, you do a gig, get applauded by a few hundred or thousand people, get drunk, and do it all again the next day! AND we get paid for it! But being English, we like to have a little moan...

Q. You've been applauded for your fashion sense and style, does this put a lot of pressure on you guys to 'keep up appearances' or is it something you don't really give much thought?!

1Well, we have to admit we are naturally so good looking that in-fact when we open the wardrobe our stylish clothes just gravitate towards us...more like walking hangers really...

Q. We've been checking out the website for The Rakes and spotted a section called 'Remix' - what was the thinking behind this?!

1Well we heard Radiohead were doing it so we just copied them! It's a great formula - find a band that are successful, and that people think are still cool (which don't always go together...) and copy it! But really I think we just wanted people to have a play with our music and create what they wanted from it...their own interpretation...

Q. Poker Face - a potential b-side for the future?

Click here to read about the Lady Gaga incident and more.....

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