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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Q & A with Idol Radec

Idol Radec Designers:
 (L-R) David Hickman, Scott Barclay, Nick Thomas

Idol Radec strives to offer men manicured and modern American sports wear without being pretentious. Like myself, they are inspired by a time when men dressed impeccably with confidence. What He Wears was able to chat with David, Scott and Nick whom are the founders of Idol Radec. In this interview, discover who inspired their Fall 09' collection, how they came up with the name 'Idol Radec' and why they love the 50's Hitchcock Film, Strangers on a Train. 

WHW: How long have you guys known each other?

IR: We have known each other for as long as we can remember.

WHW: How did the three of you decide to name your brand Idol Radec?

IR: It wasn’t all that planned out really, theres a street in the town we grew up in called Radec, we had the concept of what we wanted our brand to look like and what we wanted it to be about but no name….so needless to say we were driving by that street and Dave said, “What about Radec” and then Scott said “yea cool, what about Idol Radec” so that’s pretty much how it happened.

WHW: How do you three of you split the work amongst yourselves?

IR: We all come together and split up designing/concepts together, however Scott handles all of the production and technical aspects of getting  the line developed and produced, Nick handles all of the marketing, press related and oversees the sales, and David who also shares in the marketing handles all of the real nitty gritty business details of the company.

WHW: Nick, you told me you loved the Alfred Hitchcock film, Strangers on a Train, what about men’s wear in the 50’s inspires the Idol Radec collections?

IR: We are so inspired by that era because style was so effortless. That might be because there wasn’t a huge choice in menswear back then, regardless we love the gentleman aspect of fashion.

WHW: Is their a well-dressed man you have in mind when designing your collections?

IR: Not necessarily, this season (fall 2009) we were inspired by Sir Edmund Hillary the Exlorer, we really loved how he could be summiting Everest one week and be rubbing elbows with the cosmopolitan in crowd the next. Really when it comes down to it we design our collections for anyone from statesman to philanthropists to champagne guzzling art-party boys.

WHW: Would you say you are influenced by each other personal style?

IR: Its funny we really all have our own individual sense of style, Scott is pretty surf casual, Nick dresses with a bit of nerd in mind while David is pretty much always buttoned up in a suit or blazer.

WHW: How did you approach designing for Fall?

IR: Like I mentioned earlier we were inspired by Sir Edmund Hillary for fall, so we took some very formal pieces and switched out the fabric for more substantial/heavy fabrics that would not typically be used in that specific piece. For instance we did a bomber jacket and sportcoat out of a very coarse wool, on the other hand we did a cargo pant out of a very fine wool suiting fabric, we really like mixing it up and playing with the opposite of what one would expect, contradictions almost.

WHW:  What would be the soundtrack to your Fall 09 collection?

IR: Where do I start, we love music and are very inspired by it….lets start off with The Kinks, Bon Iver, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Talking Heads, Pashion Pit and 2 Live Crew, of course.

WHW: What should every man own in his closet?

IR: An Idol Radec Barracuda Jacket and an Idol Radec Shrunken sport coat

WHW: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

IR: Roseark in LA antique shops in the orange circle, vintage shopping in Palm Springs is great as that’s were most of the old gents go out to pasture, sad to say but most of their amazing classic pieces wind up in those thrift/vintage stores.

WHW: What would you like Idol Radec to be known for?

IR: We’d like to be know for bringing a well manicured modern Americana look to the masses without the pretentiousness.

WHW: Finish this sentence: I cannot live without…

IR: Fast cars, Love, music, benchmade shoes, and bicycles…


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