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Thursday, July 30, 2009

TM Contribute Interviews The Rakes

In this exclusive interview, The Rakes chat with TM Contribute after there headlining performance at 1 2 3 4 Shoreditch, which is a music festival in East London. They talk about how they met, the unsavoury Lady Gaga comment, and their experience headlining a tour. Check them out they could be back in The States soon! Check out their video for "22 Grand Job," they are pretty sharp dudes! Maybe I can get them for What He Wears

Q. How did you meet / form the band?

1 The East London connection isn't really that we're from here as such, more we played loads of our early gigs here. We were connected through work and uni... from there basically decided to form a band! A few rehearsals later, and we started gigging!!

Q. 22 Grand Job : Has this become a reality yet?!

1Ten fold. Golfing in Monaco, parties on the yacht, it's really going quite well. It's a good job Shoreditch is a tax haven!

Q. You've said before that 22 Grand Job was a celebration of getting a job in the does touring compare with an office job?!

1Its such a different lifestyle...there's a slight routine in touring - and we've got to say it's a bit gross on the tour bus at times...! But yeah, you do a gig, get applauded by a few hundred or thousand people, get drunk, and do it all again the next day! AND we get paid for it! But being English, we like to have a little moan...

Q. You've been applauded for your fashion sense and style, does this put a lot of pressure on you guys to 'keep up appearances' or is it something you don't really give much thought?!

1Well, we have to admit we are naturally so good looking that in-fact when we open the wardrobe our stylish clothes just gravitate towards us...more like walking hangers really...

Q. We've been checking out the website for The Rakes and spotted a section called 'Remix' - what was the thinking behind this?!

1Well we heard Radiohead were doing it so we just copied them! It's a great formula - find a band that are successful, and that people think are still cool (which don't always go together...) and copy it! But really I think we just wanted people to have a play with our music and create what they wanted from it...their own interpretation...

Q. Poker Face - a potential b-side for the future?

Click here to read about the Lady Gaga incident and more.....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fall 09 Claiborne by John Bartlett

The Fall 09 collection of Claiborne by John Bartlett is a tribute to the academic nostalgia of the Harvard Club. It is a sophisticated, rich, and seriously sartorial mixing authentic details updated yet understated rich color combinations, think navy and black, one of the best color combinations. Neutrals like camel and charcoal are accented with colors like plum, port and maple leaf.

When you think of fall you think of textures and this collection provides you with tons of textures in tweedy sweaters featuring elbow patches, innovative quilting and brushed broken twills update outerwear for the modern man. A slimmer and more flattering silhouette gives the classic Air Force bomber jacket an updated look cool enough to wear with trousers with both oxfords and trainers. This look book is a prime example of how to be cool and laid-back without wearing gym apparel.

The line is also available at Bon-Ton department stores and

John Bartlett

143 Seventh Avenue South

New York, NY 10014


Monday, July 27, 2009

Uplift Lethargic Skin

Working long strenuous hours and extreme sun exposure can affect your skin's appearance. I was looking for a product that would revitalize and hydrate my skin whether at the beach on a Sunday afternoon or on set at 12 am. It is always good to keep your skin hydrated when being exposed to the sun's rays. I've heard how the ion enriched waters in The Mist by La Mer boosts your skin's energy level. I decided to give The Mist a try and have been using it for the past month. I took it everywhere: beach, work, and the park. If I was going to be exposed to the sun or on set until the wee hours I had it with me. Whenever I feel myself dragging between looks on set I give my face a spray and my tired eyes are revived. I was spraying my face, co-workers faces and whomever was around. Everyone was addicted to the scent and soothing sensation of The Mist. It felt amazing after I shaved my head. My skin can be a bit irritated post-shave and The Mist felt soothing.

How does it work? Well, the live internal magnet in the lavender hued water is floating energy that continually charges the ingredients within to maintain optimum potency. The magnet creates a special negative-ion-rich environment that instantly boots skin's energy level, visibly uplifting and reviving lethargic and dehydrated skins. It gently relaxes dry lines and soothes surface irritation; which is why it feels so great post-shave. You can really use this product whenever. It is suggested when your skin is exposed after sun, wind and pollution exposure, or air travel.

The Mist

Price: $55 for 4.2 fl. oz

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daffy's Luxury Rental

Daffy's is known for taking European brands and making them accessible to all consumers. Their goal is making clients feel and look as if they have fell in and out of David Beckham's closet, without compromising hot water for a pair of suede loafers. Daffy’s is now extending their discounts beyond fashion and into real estate. Starting tomorrow, customers can enter a chance to win a rental lease for a furnished luxury apartment in the West Village. The lucky winner will receive an apartment, which normally cost $7,000/month in rent, but with Daffy's insane discount is $700/month. New Yorker's know you cannot get a shoebox-sized apartment for that price.

If you want to get your posh hands on this luxury abode all you have to do is submit a 30-second video at a Daffy's store location and explain why you should win "The Daffy's Apartment." Consumers will have the chance to meet Katrina Bowden, star of NBC's "30 Rock," who will demonstrate the video entry at the kick off event and meet and greet fans. The entry period will last through August 14. Five finalists will be chosen by Daffy’s and the public at will vote on their videos from September 7 through September 16. The winner will be announced by October 1, when he or she is expected to move into the luxury apartment. Consumers can go to to find out when and where to enter.

One Seventh Avenue South ( is a provocative building in the heart of the West Village managed by REcap Partners. The building’s innovative design is the only full-floor triangular residential building ever built.

Kick off the contest for consumers at the Daffy’s SoHo store, located at 462 Broadway at 3:00 pm on Thursday, July 23. I will keep you all posted via Twitter on how sick this apartment is. Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


(Photography by Peggy Ann)

Contemporary street wear and creative culture brand, COMUNE, has partnered with New York City's curated outlet store, INVEN.TORY. On July 22, 2009, their new collection and pop-up space will be available for a limited time.

Although it feels as if summer has just started it's a great time to get a start on your fall wardrobe. A complete fall wardrobe for the individualist will be available at INVEN.TORY. The collection includes a mixture of interchangeable pieces including Wax Coated Denim, Tailored Woven's, Push Through Flannels, uniquely colored Vegan Leather Jackets and a well-fitted, timeless Denim Jacket.

UPDATE: Price points are anywhere between $38-$158.

For further information:

237 Lafayette St. & Spring St.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rider Boot Co. Trunk Show

Leffot, a Select Shop located in New York City's West Village, is hosting a trunk show featuring footwear from Rider Boot Co. Who is Rider Boot Co.? They are a small family owned business based in Richmond, Virginia whose goal is to provide men with classic boots in unique and desirable leathers that will last a lifetime. They want your shoes to outlive you!

The Riderboot stock boot as well as new samples and boot patterns from the factories archives will be available to clients. Additionally, clients will have the opportunity to select from a wide range of patterns and choose the leather, color, sole, trim and details to make your very own special boot. You will be able to choose from a wide range of Shell Cordovan, various French and Italian calfskins and Stead suede swatches. Talk about exclusive! If you need an immediate shoe fix, boots will be available in the shop and if the unfortunate situation arise where your desired size and style is not available they can be sent from Rider Boot Co. in Richmond upon request.

For appointments and more information:

Rider Boot Co. Trunk Show
Thursday, July 23 from 12-7 PM

10 Christopher St.
New York, NY 10014

Monday, July 13, 2009

Suit Hunting

Every man should have at least one good suit in his closet. A good suit will carry you anywhere: Work, weddings, and dinners... I can go on and on. Finding a good suit at an even better price point can be a bit difficult. Ever go to a department store and see all those picked-over sale suits and blazers hung tightly and scrunched together, sadly looking at you? You have seen it before Zegna, Gucci, Prada, and Jil Sander all dusty and sadly scrunched. With fabric pulls from being tossed about the sales floor and fitting rooms. It's dreadfully awful! Almost comparable to shopping at the 34th St. H&M on a Saturday afternoon, when all the clothes are dusty, wrinkled and picked-over. Who can shop like that? Definitely, not I! Imagine attempting to find a suit in a 46? It's my worst nightmare. It should be listed amongst one of the hardest things to find in New York along with a job, a good man and an apartment.

I was browsing Aloha Rag's e-commerce site and came across a Jil Sander suit under $700. Which is a steal considering Jil's suits retail over $1,200. I excitedly click on the suit and closed my eyes hoping to see a 46 available and there it was, "46- in stock." I excitedly call the Aloha Rag's NYC location and ask how I can get my hands on that suit. Jeremiah ordered the suit for me and I was notified when it arrived. I always recommend trying on a suit or blazer; a proper fit is essential. Since, you are not purchasing a Bespoke suit usually alterations are needed. Are the jackets sleeves a bit long or short? Does the suits trousers need waist and or hem alterations? These are all important questions you should ask yourself and your tailor. Remember there is nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit. The service at Aloha Rag is the best. The suit arrived at the store free of dust and fabric pulls. I have written about Aloha Rag and their exclusive NYC pieces and killer blowout sales. If you are in New York area I suggest visiting the store. Or, if you happen to be vacationing in the beautiful Honolulu, Aloha Rag has a store location there as well.

Aloha Rag

505 Greenwich St. (At Prince St.)

New York, NY 10013


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sale at Yigal

Last week, I got caught in one of those random rainstorms and ran into the Yigal Azrouel boutique in the Meatpacking District, to shield myself from what seemed like a massive hurricane. Of course, there is no other place I rather wait for the rain to cease than at the Yigal boutique. Katie informs me of a sale on select items and I excitedly walk towards the men's section in wet and squishy suede Gucci loafers. Naturally, I choose a button down in a solid color; pale blue to be exact. I've wanted a pale blue shirt, but Katie insisted I try on the purple Gingham button down instead. It was my first time trying on a button down from Yigal and I love the fit, very flattering. He is one of the few American designers that carries and extra-small. Usually, if the designer is not European I have to get the shirt altered practically all over. Moving along, I try on the purple Gingham and love it the best. For once, I shouldn't be so boring by purchasing my usual Recession color palette of solid white, black, navy and grey. Instead, I purchased something more special- plus the purple looks great with my tanned skin.

I think the sale is worth checking out. No, I am not being biased because I love the brand, or maybe I am. I'll let you be the judge. Multi- colored cardigans, button down shirts in solids and various prints, stripped Rugby shirts and select trousers all at considerable reduced prices. I saved close to $150 on my purple Gingham.

Gilt Men's Final Sale

Earnest Sewn
Hutch Bootcut Indigo
MSRP $180 Gilt Price $55

Check out Gilt Groupe Men’s Final Sale Today at Noon EST!

Check out labels like Ted Baker clothing and shoes, Bamford and Sons, James Perse, and Earnest Sewn just to name a few all at prices 90% off their original retail price

If you are not already a member what are you waiting for? Sign up!

Bamford and Sons
Zip Linen Sweater
MSRP $825 Gilt Price $100

James Perse
Cotton Jersey Shirt
MSRP $207 Gilt Price $35

Ted Baker
Wool Two Button Suit
MSRP $675 Gilt Price $130

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Q & A with Idol Radec

Idol Radec Designers:
 (L-R) David Hickman, Scott Barclay, Nick Thomas

Idol Radec strives to offer men manicured and modern American sports wear without being pretentious. Like myself, they are inspired by a time when men dressed impeccably with confidence. What He Wears was able to chat with David, Scott and Nick whom are the founders of Idol Radec. In this interview, discover who inspired their Fall 09' collection, how they came up with the name 'Idol Radec' and why they love the 50's Hitchcock Film, Strangers on a Train. 

WHW: How long have you guys known each other?

IR: We have known each other for as long as we can remember.

WHW: How did the three of you decide to name your brand Idol Radec?

IR: It wasn’t all that planned out really, theres a street in the town we grew up in called Radec, we had the concept of what we wanted our brand to look like and what we wanted it to be about but no name….so needless to say we were driving by that street and Dave said, “What about Radec” and then Scott said “yea cool, what about Idol Radec” so that’s pretty much how it happened.

WHW: How do you three of you split the work amongst yourselves?

IR: We all come together and split up designing/concepts together, however Scott handles all of the production and technical aspects of getting  the line developed and produced, Nick handles all of the marketing, press related and oversees the sales, and David who also shares in the marketing handles all of the real nitty gritty business details of the company.

WHW: Nick, you told me you loved the Alfred Hitchcock film, Strangers on a Train, what about men’s wear in the 50’s inspires the Idol Radec collections?

IR: We are so inspired by that era because style was so effortless. That might be because there wasn’t a huge choice in menswear back then, regardless we love the gentleman aspect of fashion.

WHW: Is their a well-dressed man you have in mind when designing your collections?

IR: Not necessarily, this season (fall 2009) we were inspired by Sir Edmund Hillary the Exlorer, we really loved how he could be summiting Everest one week and be rubbing elbows with the cosmopolitan in crowd the next. Really when it comes down to it we design our collections for anyone from statesman to philanthropists to champagne guzzling art-party boys.

WHW: Would you say you are influenced by each other personal style?

IR: Its funny we really all have our own individual sense of style, Scott is pretty surf casual, Nick dresses with a bit of nerd in mind while David is pretty much always buttoned up in a suit or blazer.

WHW: How did you approach designing for Fall?

IR: Like I mentioned earlier we were inspired by Sir Edmund Hillary for fall, so we took some very formal pieces and switched out the fabric for more substantial/heavy fabrics that would not typically be used in that specific piece. For instance we did a bomber jacket and sportcoat out of a very coarse wool, on the other hand we did a cargo pant out of a very fine wool suiting fabric, we really like mixing it up and playing with the opposite of what one would expect, contradictions almost.

WHW:  What would be the soundtrack to your Fall 09 collection?

IR: Where do I start, we love music and are very inspired by it….lets start off with The Kinks, Bon Iver, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Talking Heads, Pashion Pit and 2 Live Crew, of course.

WHW: What should every man own in his closet?

IR: An Idol Radec Barracuda Jacket and an Idol Radec Shrunken sport coat

WHW: Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

IR: Roseark in LA antique shops in the orange circle, vintage shopping in Palm Springs is great as that’s were most of the old gents go out to pasture, sad to say but most of their amazing classic pieces wind up in those thrift/vintage stores.

WHW: What would you like Idol Radec to be known for?

IR: We’d like to be know for bringing a well manicured modern Americana look to the masses without the pretentiousness.

WHW: Finish this sentence: I cannot live without…

IR: Fast cars, Love, music, benchmade shoes, and bicycles…

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