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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wire My Eyes Shut

Ever wake up and want to tell everyone that attempts conversation not to disturb you- like every morning for the past month because the rain it's just relentless. If you are looking for the perfect "Do Not Disturb" sign, armor against visible boredom (Ahem Anna Wintour) or worst-case scenario, the last Patron shot has left you terribly hung-over and you wake with giant Goyard bags under your eyes- we've all been there. Your sunglasses will save the day– they are the absolute best way to shield yourself. Try these black wire frame sunglasses by Raf Simons they might come in handy when singing panhandlers pass you by on the train making guilty eye contact for coins. But for the Love of God do not wear them at night!

Black Wire Frames

Raf By Raf Simons

Price: $318

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