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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gustbuster Umbrella

I have officially had it with all this rain. We all need an umbrella that will withstand the down pour and major wind gusts. Nothing is more embarrassing than getting caught in a wind gust and having your umbrella flip while rushing to work on a rainy morning. The only thing worse than wet trousers is wet cashmere sweater. Neither smells great when wet. To avoid smelling like a wet Cocker Spaniel invest in a good umbrella. has a selection of umbrellas called Gustbuster classic. They are a range of umbrellas available in navy, hunter green, black and even pink. The Gustbuster is made to survive the city winds. Its mechanics allow the umbrella to stay open and is wind proof, automatic with a full 48" canopy. 

Gustbuster Classic
Price: $36
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