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Monday, June 8, 2009

BESS My Jeans

On Wednesday, I popped into Barneys after lunch at Rouge Tomate, but how could I not they are across the street from each other. Plus, I would find any excuse to pop into Barneys. After a few Gin spiked cucumber cocktails, which were amazing, I was ready to shop or at least window shop and tease myself. Moving along, I noticed a BESS NYC display and ran to it. I saw a pair of studded and slashed pocket jeans I have been wanting for quiet some time. Barneys did not have my size, naturally but I was determined to find it. I asked a lovely sales associate where I may find them and he directed me to BESS NYC's SoHo boutique. When I visited the store I was in stud heaven, no pun intended. They had studded everything, jeans and cut-offs, studded boots and Chuck Taylor's, as well as studded apparel. I mean, everything great about a rocker cliche. My favorite jean is offered in ink black as well as a light wash denim, but the ink black skinny jean with the signature slashed and studded pockets is the best black jean in town. Pair the ink black studded jeans with one of Bess' light-weight tanks and Rick Owens high-tops or Doc Martens and rock it out.

Studded Jeans
Price: $300
292 Lafayette St
New York, NY 10012

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