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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tuck in That Polo

I have received many questions from readers as to how the American classic shirt, the polo, should be worn. Should the polo be tucked in, left untucked or half-tucked- like most preppy suburbia kids tend to wear theirs. 

Before I answer the million dollar question I will get into a short history lesson. The original polo shirt was made of Oxford-clothe cotton and had long-sleeves with a button-down collar. Polo players invented the buttoned collar to keep it from flapping obnoxiously in the wind as they played. Oxford-cloth cotton became too uncomfortable for players on the field. Once polo players became aware of the jersey-knit pique cotton tennis shirt, made popular by 7 time Grand Slam tennis champ Rene Lacoste in 1927, players began to use the tennis shirt for polo matches. 

The standard for polo athletes playing the sport is to wear their polo's or jerseys tucked in, which is how the American classic should be worn. The reason for the uneven vented hem or tennis tail, longer in the back than in the front, is so the polo remains tucked. When players stepped off their horses they tended to lift up their shirttails causing their shirts to stay half-tucked, which is how the ever-popular style came about. 

So the answer to the question if one should tuck in their polo's the answer is yes. Not only does tucking your polo create a neater and cleaner look but you are staying true to the sport and how the polo is intended to be worn. 

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leonrad said...

Hey Ryan

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nice, leonrad.

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