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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Men with Birkins

The Hermes Birkin bag is an iconic bag originally designed for British born singer and actress Jane Birkin. When Jane expressed her difficulty finding a leather weekend bag to then Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas the bag she described was shortly delivered to her flat. Today, women will wait an eternity and beyond on the legendary wait-list for their 48-hour hand-stitched arm candy in black or one of many candy colored hues available. The legendary bag is offered in a variety of leathers: Ostrich, saltwater croc, alligator- or whatever strikes your fancy. Many famous women carry the Birkin; when Martha Stewart was on trial she was photographed carrying a Bordeaux hued Birkin upon entering the courthouse and Victoria Beckham is known to own several.

When I watched the Ralph Rucci documentary, A Designer and His House, I noticed various Goyard and Louis Vuitton bags lined up en route to Paris for the Couture shows. As he walked to his waiting car, I noticed he carried a black Birkin. Now, I have seen this documentary on several occasions and have always asked myself, "Is it cool for a man to carry a Birkin?" Is it not just a tad obnoxious? Another man known for toting about with a Birkin is tastemaker and musical genius Pharrell Williams. He's actually boasted about getting his Birkin special ordered and was photographed with it for Paper magazine's June/July 08 cover. Pharrell does not own your standard-sized Birkin. Why would he? Not only is it big enough to fit a toddler, but it's also purple alligator. The bag alone needs its own private jet and security. You might have noticed Pharrell dragging it along the floor in Madonna's 'Give It 2 Me' video. Fashion's golden boy, Marc Jacobs, has also been photographed carrying a Birkin as well.

For me, a man carrying a Birkin is like a man wearing fur- it's hit or miss. The trick is to carry it as if it were a brown paper bag from Whole Foods- completely effortless. The second you look obnoxiously pretentious you might as well put on a pair of Jimmy Choo heels and wear a Victoria Beckham inspired bob. 


Dirty Butt said...

these men are HOT!! :-)

ricola said...

O made my own out of canvas. :)

SkippyPeanutButterinDC said...

Guys with birkins= :)

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