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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tim Hamilton's Interview with The Cut

Photo via The Cut

The Cut was lucky enough to grab some chat time with one of my favorite American Designers, Tim Hamilton, to discuss his Parisian women's wear debut, his favorite shops, what every man needs and what he never leaves the house without.

Where do you shop?
"I love IF on Grand Street and I like popping my head into Steven NY and Atelier. I never have time to go uptown."

What trends are you into right now? 
"I prefer 'anti-trends'- that is to say someone who is wearing something entirely unique or styling their clothes in a way I have never seen. I like when people play with shape and volume."

What is something every man should have in his closet? Every woman?
"Every man needs a pair of black pants. I think all women need a modern- cut black dress."

Finish this sentence: I never leave the house without...
"A 50-task 'to-do' list."

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