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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Should You Loose The 'Stache?

Image via JustJared

Whilst surfing the net I came across this image of Orlando Bloom on the set of his new movie, Main Street. I noticed something different. Not the police uniform, that is plain as day but the mustache. I must admit I like it. Lets be honest here, Orlando can dye his hair fuchsia and still be better looking than say, Joe Blow, no pun intended. Of course everyone would gag into hysteria, "Orlando's hair is fuchsia!" Perish the thought, it would be the talk of the week: TMZ, E! News and Daily 10- you know the routine. 

Back to the stash, I've noticed most are comfortable with a beard or 5 O'clock shadow but when it comes to a mustache or goatee people have a field day. Some say it's "so cheesy" or feel one "is trying too hard" with a mustache. Some despise goatee's even more saying its, "too 90's" or "as bad as clip-on cell-phone holsters," and clip-on cell-phone holsters are pretty damn horrific. So, why are beards and 5 O'clock shadows acceptable and not a mustache or goatee? 
I think mustaches fit some men, like Orlando Bloom, if you can pull it off without looking like a Seventies gay porn-star, why not? It worked for Clark Gabel. Mustaches and goatees are like skinny jeans, some can wear them and others larger than say, sample size, clearly cannot. 
Just saying... 


ricola said...

I have developed a new love for facial hair. Beards especially. Mustaches are harder for anyone to pull off, but they give a little extra magic to the guys that do.

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