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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Revitalize Your Skin For Spring

Winter weather can do a number on your skin's texture- especially if you are not exfoliating regularly. Going to the spa for a glycolic peel is costly (yes men go to spa's they just refuse to admit it.) The money you would spend on a glycolic peel can go towards drinks at Rouge Tomate by trying DDF's Glycolic Toning Complex. The toner is formulated with glycolic acid, which increases surface cellular turnover- this means it sheds dead skin cells and subsequently replaces them with younger cells. Which aids in skin clarity. Additionally, it minimizes the appearance of wrinkle lines, visibly decreases pore size and redefines skin. Basically, it's like the Fountain of Youth. 

I have been using the toner for quite some time and more than pleased with the results. You instantly see a difference. You will feel a tingly sensation although not as intense as a glycolic peel but tingly nonetheless. Personally, I don't mind the tingly sensation, I'm not a masochist, but in my mind it's working and that it does. 

Price: $35

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