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Monday, April 20, 2009

Recession Colors

Suit Yves Saint Laurent F/W 08, White shirt Jil Sander, Black Tie Zara

If you look into my closet you will notice a consistent color palette of white, black, grey and navy. Although, I do have some prints and pops of color, those are my go to colors. Why the boring palette you ask? Those are what I call Recession Colors. They are colors with staying power. If one shops either high-end or low-end, purchasing these colors is the ultimate way to get your mileage-per-use from your newly coveted duds.

White, black, grey and navy are interchangeable colors. In other words, they mix well with one another. It is O.K. to mix black and navy, despite some notions. Carine Roitfeld of French Vogue agrees with this rule of thumb as well! When paired together they create such a fresh look. Additionally, those four classic colors can be worn with either black or brown shoes. Even if you own one pair of black or brown oxfords you are in the clear. No matter how many amazing neon suits Calvin Klein sends down the runway- they are not colors one can wear on a daily basis. 

With that said, my best advice for shopping during these penny-pinching times is by purchasing items with staying power. If you purchase a $400 collared shirt from Barneys, which is not hard to do, you should get your moneys worth. The same theory can be applied to high-street pieces as well and not solely for high-ticket items. I'm not saying to strictly purchase a dark color palette reminiscent of The Adams Family. It's perfectly fine to get the color trend of the season but keep in mind one should purchase basics prior to splurging on seasonal trends. 

"Recession Colors" was photographed by  Gigi Stoll.
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Model: T.R. Pescod at Click.


ricola said...

Je suis en d'accord, M'sieur Mac.

Ryan said...

Merci Ricola!

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