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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Christian Louboutin Men's Sneakers?

Image Via Luxist

At Christian Louboutin's press day event these Chukka Boot style shoes were spotted. Is this a foray into men's footwear or are we being punk'd? Although, on the right girl this could be a cute look, but I prefer to see women in heels and not flats or sneakers unless she is at the gym. Moving along, if this is Christian's first menswear hybrid shoe I am sure it will sell well. The price is unknown.

We are not being punk'd! This style will be available come fall for men and women. Men are you ready to have red soled shoes?


Anonymous said...

Are you serious? Bold move for Louboutin.

P.C. WILLIAMS said...

These shoes are sick!!! And as a girl who wear kicks all the time and not to the gym (as i am not a frequent visitor) i think these would look dope with the right outfit.... i want them. i want them now!

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