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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't Tag My Jeans!

Last Monday, I couldn't understand why the outfit I wore to a meeting irked me. Even stylists have off days! That following Saturday, I decided to wear the same jeans with a navy button down, as I tucked my shirt, I realized it was the logo'd leather tab that was such a nuisance. It was like a light bulb from a Looney Tunes cartoon appeared over my head. 

When jeans have a leather tab at the waist they look absolutely horrible paired with a thin belt. At least a thicker belt can hide the tab. In my opinion, you simply cannot wear a thick belt with everything. When my shirt was tucked, it exposed the logo'd leather tab; which I think was really obnoxious. Honestly, who cares what brand I was wearing? I just can't stomach names splattered clothes. I called my friend and told her I had a "wardrobe malfunction" and asked for 5 minutes while I snipped the tabs seams off the waist.

I like name brands, who doesn't? I just do not feel the need to advertise that I am wearing "J Brand" jeans, no matter how great I think they or anybody else. Despite what many think, I am not really a label whore. I don't feel the need to let the world know whom or what I am wearing. 

Alejandro Ingelmo Sale

Toby Snakeskin Sneaker
MSRP $1085, Gilt Price $428

Time to get your sneaker fix with uber chic rubber soles by Alejandro Ingelmo. Gilt Groups is having a killer sale on sick kicks. Check out the snakeskin low-tops with metallic detailing at a fraction of the cost. The Alejandro Ingelmo sale starts today at Noon EST. 

Click here if you are not a member.

Happy Shopping!

Toby Snakeskin in Black
MSRP $1085, Gilt Price $428

Rivington Low-Top 
MSRP $895, Gilt Price $318

Galaxy High-Top
MSRP $660, Gilt Price $248

Monday, April 27, 2009

SPURR Sample Sale

Look from SPURR's S/S 09 Collection

Starworks is hosting SPURR's sample sale featuring shirts, denim, suits and knitwear up to 65 percent off retail prices. SPURR is one of my favorite American brands so it should be a good sale!

Date and Time:
Thursday, April 30th - Saturday, May 2nd

Starworks, 5 Crosby, Suite 3D
Near Grand St.

Happy Shopping!

A Sunscreen That Doesn't Reek

When I bid, "Arrivederci," to my hair I realized my face became even more important that ever. What was a young 20-something with a cue ball to do? Invest, invest, and invest in skin care. Someone at any age, male or female, should pay close attention to his or her skin. It saves several trips a year visiting Dr. Dermo for hits of Botox during your 30's, 40's and beyond. I heard rumors of this skin care line called La Mer that supposedly brightened the skin and minimized pore visibility. Everyone whom is anyone with great skin used it; some even used it from head to toe. I figured it was worth a visit to Neiman Marcus to ask a few questions. 

Fast-forward today, it's the only moisturizer I've used since, call me addicted. Bless the hands that steal dabs of my La Mer; it's caused mini-disputes in my home. To be honest, I believe the hidden ingredient in those little 2-ounce pots is The Blood of Christ! I use the Crème de La Mer in the winter and the Emulsion (The Moisturinzing Lotion) during the summer due to its lighter consistency. The Crème is too heavy for New York's humid summers. With all the skin brightening and pore minimizing one would think I would not have an issue. Wrong! What problem would I have with a product that worked wonders? No SPF protection! Having radiant skin with sunspots due to sun exposure is a total oxymoron. Using over-the-counter sunscreen products from CVS not only reek but are also so greasy one can fry chicken. No one wants to go to the office reeking of Banana Boat. 

That problem has since been resolved. You may walk into your nearest Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman or Saks Fifth Avenue location to purchase The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid. The Protecting Fluid uses gemstones to enhance the formula's anti-oxidant activity. Semi-precious tourmaline and Brazilian malachite capture light energy and then transform it into beneficial green light to boost the Fluid's powerful anti-oxidants. The UV Protecting Fluid keeps skin comfortable, hydrated and soothes with a new Smart Seaweed Ferment. The Smart Seaweed Ferment also attracts moisture to the skin to create a protective, emollient barrier, helping to prevent dehydration. The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid helps shield skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays while providing optimal treatment benefits.  It is truly luxurious and lightweight to the touch. 

The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid
Price: $65 for 1.4 oz.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Style Icon: Patrick Lichfield

I was going through my image archives and came across an image of fashion photographer Patrick Lichfield in Capri. He had such great taste and timeless style. Patrick was photographed in Capri off set of one of his photo shoots. Patrick dressed in a purple poplin shirt and yellow pinstriped trousers are not obvious color combination but it works really well. Playing with color is something Patrick knew how to do as well as take a good picture. Then again, during the Sixties and Seventies many stylish folks knew how to play with color. Their is an art to playing with color without looking as if you dressed yourself on an acid trip and left the house looking like a bag of Skittles. 

Note the lavender and purple scarf paired with the red suede and leather jacket. Just divine! I really like the whole scarf bit. It's definitely not an easy look to pull-off without looking like a tart- although, when done well, it adds a certain je ne sais quois to your look. The layered gold chains are the icing on the cake. There is a lot going on with this ensemble yet it looks so effortless.

I fell in love with the first image. What's not to love? You have all the elements for the perfect portrait: vintage European car, white and black pinstriped suit and lovely English streets. The black turtleneck paired with the white and black pinstriped suit is perfect. Lets not forget about the black Panama hat. He knew hot to accessorize, as well as, take a great picture. Notice Patrick's shoes- totally killer. I am a fan of the dolphin point.  Gucci or YSL should remake that style every season. It's the type of show one should purchase in every color: Black, brown, navy and wear them until the soles have holes.

Looking at these images is quite inspiring to dress more polished on a day-to-day basis.  

Images can be found on LIFE

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Q & A with John Bartlett

John Bartlett has been designing sharp and masculine men's wear since 1992. He is a two-time CFDA award winner and has a Perry Ellis Men's Wear award under his belt. Bartlett opened his first store in New York's West Village in 2007. In January, Liz Claiborne announced John Bartlett would assume the role as Creative Director for their men's sportswear line debuting in the spring. Well, springtime has arrived and so has Claiborne by John Bartlett. The line will be sold at John Bartlett's West Village boutique along side his men's runway collection. What He Wears has an exclusive interview with John Bartlett where he talks about the Claiborne man, his reaction to Tim Gunn's phone call and when he's most comfortable. 

WHW: What was your reaction when you received the call from Tim Gunn inquiring about your interest in designing a men's wear collection for Liz Claiborne?

JB: I was super thrilled when Tim Gunn called and asked me if I would be interested in working on the men's line. I have been looking for an American brand that didn't compete with John Bartlett designer prices and was very excited to have the opportunity to work on a collection that is more accessible price-wise and could reach a larger target audience.

WHW: You are known to find inspiration in all things masculine. What role did masculinity play in your collection for Liz Claiborne?

JB: For my collection, "Claiborne by John Bartlett" I am designing for the every guy and therefore all things masculine come into play but in a much more subtle way. These clothes that every guy across the country can feel at home in. I still look at the iconic masculine images that inform my design aesthetic but in a less "sexy" direct way. 

WHW: How did you approach designing for the Claiborne man?

JB: When I am designing for "Claiborne by John Bartlett," I think about my brother-in-law, who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and is not a fashion plate. He enjoys clothes but has real needs. Therefore, function is an important aspect to everything I design for the collection. I am pushing the brand forward with more exciting color options and engaging patterns and introducing more "designer" details into a very price-friendly garment.

WHW: I've read you design for your brother-in-law who lives in Cincinnati. How does he define who the Claiborne man is?

JB: My brother-in-law is an every guy customer. He definitely shops on his lunch break and is always looking for good deals. When he is visiting NYC, I always bring him into the showroom to get his perspective on what I am working on.

WHW: How does the John Bartlett man differ from the Claiborne man?

JB: The John Bartlett man is more fashion savvy and looks for very special items regardless of price. He is perhaps more comfortable in fitted silhouettes and is more confident in his style. The Claiborne by John Bartlett man loves clothes but is not a fashionista. He wants to look good and "stand out for all the right reasons" but is also price aware and is somewhat more conservative.

WHW: You rarely see designers in their store boutiques. How has working in your West Village boutique help you design for the John Bartlett man and figure out what he wants?

JB: When I am in town, I work in the store on Sundays. This allows me immediate input into what the customer is responding to and what fits him well. I am also able to meet him directly and get to know him personally so that when I am designing I can actually think if certain customers who will eventually buy the garments I design. Having a store is an incredible way to understand the customer and to develop a more personal shopping experience.

WHW: What should every man own in his closet?

JB: Every man should have a great pair of dark denim jeans and a pair of medium grey jeans. He should also have numerous button down shirts in interesting colors. I also make sure every collection offers the perfect polo shirt and a great navy cotton suit. 

WHW: The recession has motivated me to stay creative and think positive. I feel that is the only way to get through these economic times. Has the recession influenced you any way?

JB: The recession has inspired me to design from the heart and also make sure that I am designing items that have a very high price/value relationship.

WHW: What is next for John Bartlett?

JB: I am very busy working on John Bartlett and "Claiborne by John Bartlett." I continue to do work with The North Shore Animal League and host adoption every few months at my store. I am reaching out to do more in my community, whether it is with the Gay and Lesbian Task Force or with Parson's students. I am drawn to so many activities outside of design and want to give back as much as I can in the years to come.

WHW: Finish this sentence. I feel most comfortable when... 

JB: ...I am surrounded by my three dogs, my partner and The Sunday Times on a lazy rainy Sunday morning in Manhattan.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Recession Colors

Suit Yves Saint Laurent F/W 08, White shirt Jil Sander, Black Tie Zara

If you look into my closet you will notice a consistent color palette of white, black, grey and navy. Although, I do have some prints and pops of color, those are my go to colors. Why the boring palette you ask? Those are what I call Recession Colors. They are colors with staying power. If one shops either high-end or low-end, purchasing these colors is the ultimate way to get your mileage-per-use from your newly coveted duds.

White, black, grey and navy are interchangeable colors. In other words, they mix well with one another. It is O.K. to mix black and navy, despite some notions. Carine Roitfeld of French Vogue agrees with this rule of thumb as well! When paired together they create such a fresh look. Additionally, those four classic colors can be worn with either black or brown shoes. Even if you own one pair of black or brown oxfords you are in the clear. No matter how many amazing neon suits Calvin Klein sends down the runway- they are not colors one can wear on a daily basis. 

With that said, my best advice for shopping during these penny-pinching times is by purchasing items with staying power. If you purchase a $400 collared shirt from Barneys, which is not hard to do, you should get your moneys worth. The same theory can be applied to high-street pieces as well and not solely for high-ticket items. I'm not saying to strictly purchase a dark color palette reminiscent of The Adams Family. It's perfectly fine to get the color trend of the season but keep in mind one should purchase basics prior to splurging on seasonal trends. 

"Recession Colors" was photographed by  Gigi Stoll.
Please do not use images without consulting What He Wears.
Model: T.R. Pescod at Click.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Should You Loose The 'Stache?

Image via JustJared

Whilst surfing the net I came across this image of Orlando Bloom on the set of his new movie, Main Street. I noticed something different. Not the police uniform, that is plain as day but the mustache. I must admit I like it. Lets be honest here, Orlando can dye his hair fuchsia and still be better looking than say, Joe Blow, no pun intended. Of course everyone would gag into hysteria, "Orlando's hair is fuchsia!" Perish the thought, it would be the talk of the week: TMZ, E! News and Daily 10- you know the routine. 

Back to the stash, I've noticed most are comfortable with a beard or 5 O'clock shadow but when it comes to a mustache or goatee people have a field day. Some say it's "so cheesy" or feel one "is trying too hard" with a mustache. Some despise goatee's even more saying its, "too 90's" or "as bad as clip-on cell-phone holsters," and clip-on cell-phone holsters are pretty damn horrific. So, why are beards and 5 O'clock shadows acceptable and not a mustache or goatee? 
I think mustaches fit some men, like Orlando Bloom, if you can pull it off without looking like a Seventies gay porn-star, why not? It worked for Clark Gabel. Mustaches and goatees are like skinny jeans, some can wear them and others larger than say, sample size, clearly cannot. 
Just saying... 

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Technical Difficulties

I had to remove a post due to ill formatting. I will repost.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tim Hamilton's Interview with The Cut

Photo via The Cut

The Cut was lucky enough to grab some chat time with one of my favorite American Designers, Tim Hamilton, to discuss his Parisian women's wear debut, his favorite shops, what every man needs and what he never leaves the house without.

Where do you shop?
"I love IF on Grand Street and I like popping my head into Steven NY and Atelier. I never have time to go uptown."

What trends are you into right now? 
"I prefer 'anti-trends'- that is to say someone who is wearing something entirely unique or styling their clothes in a way I have never seen. I like when people play with shape and volume."

What is something every man should have in his closet? Every woman?
"Every man needs a pair of black pants. I think all women need a modern- cut black dress."

Finish this sentence: I never leave the house without...
"A 50-task 'to-do' list."

IT Sample Sale Starts Tomorrow

Hi Everyone,

Just want to remind you about the IT USA sample sale that starts tomorrow.

Happy Shopping!

The Main Event on Gilt Groupe

Hi Everyone,

On Noon Wednesday, you will want to be glued to your computers for Gilt Groupe's men's final sale. Stock up on sartorial classics from Borrelli and Malo, hipster basics from Steve Alan and Trovata and your everyday basics from John Varvatos and Benjamin Bixby. The Main Event will feature nineteen different designers all at prices up to 90% off!

Get to Gilt Groupe's Main Event on Wednesday, April 15 at Noon EST. If you are not a Gilt Groupe member click here to become one to enjoy major discounts. 

Happy Shopping!


Steve Alan


John Varvatos


Benjamin Bixby

Monday, April 13, 2009

i-Gucci Watch Commercial

I was browsing fashion podcasts on iTunes and came across this Gucci podcast/commercial. This advertising hybrid showcases Gucci's new collection of Swiss made digital watches for spring/summer called i-Gucci. The digi-faced, sapphire crystal-coated watches are offered in six variations and are water-resistant to 3 atm (100 feet/30 meters.) 

Price: $1,295

TOMS One for One

TOMS Natural Canvas

Blake Mycoskie founded TOMS shoes on one simple premise, "One for One." For every shoe you purchase TOMS gives a shoe to a child in need. Did you know barefoot children cannot attend school because shoes are a required part of their uniform? TOMS sole mission is to help children in developing countries whom grow up barefoot. Not only will shoes allow a child to attend school but also do chores, get food and water or run and play with other children. 

TOMS shoes are made from canvas and have a soft leather sole: making it an ultra-light shoe; perfect for spring and sweltering summer days. Make TOMS your designated beach shoe or pair them with a polo and jeans. They are the perfect flip flop alternative. Need I say more?

Commemorate Earth Month by purchasing a pair of TOMS and stylishly give back. Lift two spirits with one purchase. 

Price: $44

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Revitalize Your Skin For Spring

Winter weather can do a number on your skin's texture- especially if you are not exfoliating regularly. Going to the spa for a glycolic peel is costly (yes men go to spa's they just refuse to admit it.) The money you would spend on a glycolic peel can go towards drinks at Rouge Tomate by trying DDF's Glycolic Toning Complex. The toner is formulated with glycolic acid, which increases surface cellular turnover- this means it sheds dead skin cells and subsequently replaces them with younger cells. Which aids in skin clarity. Additionally, it minimizes the appearance of wrinkle lines, visibly decreases pore size and redefines skin. Basically, it's like the Fountain of Youth. 

I have been using the toner for quite some time and more than pleased with the results. You instantly see a difference. You will feel a tingly sensation although not as intense as a glycolic peel but tingly nonetheless. Personally, I don't mind the tingly sensation, I'm not a masochist, but in my mind it's working and that it does. 

Price: $35

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Christian Louboutin Men's Sneakers?

Image Via Luxist

At Christian Louboutin's press day event these Chukka Boot style shoes were spotted. Is this a foray into men's footwear or are we being punk'd? Although, on the right girl this could be a cute look, but I prefer to see women in heels and not flats or sneakers unless she is at the gym. Moving along, if this is Christian's first menswear hybrid shoe I am sure it will sell well. The price is unknown.

We are not being punk'd! This style will be available come fall for men and women. Men are you ready to have red soled shoes?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Style Q & A with Johannes Huebl

What He Wears has an exclusive Style Q & A with the strickingly handsome and well-dressed model Johannes Huebl. You may have noticed his face in campaigns for Saks 5th Avenue, Cole Haan and fragrances like U by Ungaro. In this interview Johannes expresses his pet peeves, what every man should have in his closet and what works best when all else fails.

Can you name four things you cannot live without when you travel.
My Tumi weekend bag, a cashmere scarf for the plane, my iPod and Bose Headphones and my Mac.

What are some of your favorite places to shop when you are in New York? Europe?
I like Barneys when I'm in NY, they have a great assortment of basically everything a wardrobe needs. But I do get most clothes in London and Paris. Suits and shoes come from London, my favorite shirts I buy in a Paris shop, where they have my measurements now and I can even email them and they send them over. 

When all else fails what is the go-to-piece in your closet?
I have not been in the situation that all else has failed and I do not really take my dressing all too serious, but I guess any of my suits, good shoes, belt and a watch carries you anywhere and I haven't felt overdressed in a suit yet.

In your opinion, what is the one thing a man should own in his closet?
A good suit.

How would you describe your personal style?
Modern elegant, almost no addiction to trends, polished look.

Can you name someone famous or not whose style you admire?
My girlfriend's (Olivia Palermo) style is pretty good. She has an incredible eye and sense for fashion (women's only though.)

Style is not solely about what you wear but manners as well and how one carries him or herself. What are some bad habits you find irksome? A text-a-holic is one of mine.
Attention disorders and the lack of focusing are habits I find difficult to deal with. Blackberry's on the dinner table as well and how about not putting makeup on while you are enjoying your company? I like the idea of the classical definition of a gentleman and I have a little patience for ignorant, rude and intolerant people. 

Are their any trends in menswear you wish would just go away?
Summer scarves and plaid shirts.

What are you coveting this Spring/Summer 09?
My summer vacation and in fashion: My tan suit.

What was your latest purchase?
A Corneliani suit that I bought in Paris.
But I do wear other clothes that suits J
I love my Prada jeans. I have a great selection of shirts that I almost wear every day and my favorite leather bomber jacket that I would probably wear every day
if possible!

Johannes Huebl is represented by London's Models 1

Moschino Uomo

Cotton Pique Polo
MSRP $190, Gilt Price $78

Gilt Group is having a killer sale on Moschino Uomo. Sale goes live on at Noon Est. 

If you are not a Gilt Groupe member click here to become a member.

Wool Military Trench
MSRP $1665, Gilt Price $608

Metallic Sneakers
MSRP $375, Gilt Price $148

Leather Wing-Tips
MSRP $530, Gilt Price $198

Monday, April 6, 2009

Summer Select Sample Sale

Hi Everyone,

Openhouse Gallery is hosting a sample which starts today at Noon. It is a men's wear only sample sale featuring Cheap Monday Jeans, 3:33 shoes, and Rxmance tees.

Happy Shopping!

Dates and Times:
April 6th-April 9th
12 PM - 8 PM

Openhouse Gallery
201 Mulberry Street
New York, NY 10012
(Between Kenmare and Spring)

I popped into Openhouse Gallery to see what was on sale and they had great basics for everyday. Cheap Monday jeans in various washes from dark denim to light washes. I picked up this light Cheap Monday tee for $35- great for the summer. I'd say this sample sale is worth the trip. Especially if you don't want to spend $100 on a pair of  jeans!

Friday, April 3, 2009

IT Sample Sale Coming Soon!

Hi Guys,

IT USA is having a sample sale on all there brands. Expect Malo, Just Cavalli, GianFranco Ferre, GF Ferre, C'N'C Costume National, and Galliano. Women's, Men's and Lots of Accessories (All Sizes) Ready-To-Wear, Designer Handbags, Shoes, Wallets, Hats and Cashmere Knitwear and more at 70% Off Retail. 

I have been to IT's sample sale numerous times and they always have great merchandise at great price points. I do recommend going the first few days when doors open so you can find your size; it's hard finding small sizes at sample sales. 

Happy Shopping!

Dates and Times:
Wednesday, April 15th through Sunday, April 26th
Members Only Wed, April 15 at 9 am
Monday - Saturday: 11 AM - 7 PM
Sunday: 11 AM - 5 PM

17 Battery Place South, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10004
(Between West Side Highway and Washington St)

Credit Cards Only
(Visa, MasterCard, and American Express)
All Sales Final

Gilt Groupe Gets Alife

Gilt Groupe is having its second Alife sale with prices that will knock your socks off. The sale goes live on on Noon EST. Remember sales only last 36 hours so long on and make your purchase or else!

Remember if you are not a Gilt Groupe member click here to become one. 

Alife Plaid High-Tops
MSRP $120, Gilt Price $58

Alife Logo
MSRP $160, Gilt Price $68

Alife Pony Hair Chukka (See Above)
MSRP $160, Gilt Price $68

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kate Moss & Sir Philip Tour Topshop NYC

Topman Opening Parties at Balthazar

Video capture preparations for the grand opening 
of the 40,000 Square foot store with behind the scenes interveiws.

Topshop/Topman 480 Broadway (at Broome St.)
Balthazar Restaurant 80 Spring Street

Acne's Safety Cardgian

Acne is one of those brands you can shop and wear pieces until they fall apart at the seams. They are not a very trendy brand; which means you can actually wear something from spring 09 into fall 09 and into winter, for example, this Safety Pin Cardigan. The cardigan represents the brands cool, chic and innovative aesthetic. Pair it with one of Acne's acclaimed Japanese starched denim, like Stay Starch Blue, or pair it with Khaki's (straight fit of course.) 

If you yearn for something classic with a twist but bored to death by the average cardigan available- Acne has something for you. It's the perfect transition piece you will have as long as you can fit it! 

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