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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

YSL's Exotic Logo-less Card Holder

When men go out we do not need too much, a credit card or two, a few bills and a Metro Card, lip balm to kiss the special someone and our keys to take them home... if you're lucky. I forgot gum, trust me you are not getting lucky with bad breathe. Sometimes a few bills and multiple credit cards can be a bit bulky. There is nothing worse than having a bulky wallet in your Gucci trousers. If you place it in your back pocket it appears like you have a lumpy ass cheek and if you put it in your front pocket, well you know, it looks like your happy to see someone. Plus, your wallet will make the trousers material stretch around its shape; in other words, bad business for your trousers.

I came across this lovely blue ostrich credit card holder from Yves Saint Laurent. Other than ostrich being my favorite exotic skin- the second best feature is it bears no logo. The holder is offered in blue, black, ivory and khaki green. It features a slot on both sides and an additional center slot, which is perfect for your bills. Really, how many credit cards do you need when you are out? A debit card, a credit card and a couple of bills for tips and a taxi as well, when you are both too sloshed to take the train.

3 East 57th Street
Price: $245

*Additional colors are available at the YSL Boutique- Ask for Carlo he's the best!

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