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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Master Cleanse: Mission Detox

It is a known fact excessive drinking takes a toll on the body. Although I'm not putting a straw to a bottle of Grey Goose every evening- I do enjoy drinks with friends whenever possible. With that said, a few drinks here and their over time affects the body. I have come to the conclusion; I am not 21 anymore and cannot drink without waking feeling dehydrated or a light-headed. To avoid this, one should drink water between rounds but this is not a post on how to avoid a hangover. 

Every couple of months one should cleanse the body of all impurities- alcohol; meats, fried foods and sugars are not the best for your body. Although, I have given up red meat year's ago- I still eat chicken and fish- pork on a rare occasion for cultural reasons. On Sunday, I started Part Un of Mission Detox; I visited the Russian and Turkish baths in the East Village to sweat away my impurities. The Russian Sauna is hard-core; it is extremely hot. Buckets are provided so you can pour shockingly cold water onto yourself, once the heat is unbearable. Needless to say, I was not there for long; I preferred the Turkish Steam room, a room heated my radiators. Once the heat becomes overbearing, step up to the cold shower to refresh. I stayed for about 2 hours sitting and sweating in various rooms and left feeling great; it was a great start for my journey on Detox Lane. 

Whole Foods was my next destination; where I purchased the ingredients for The Master Cleanse Part Deux of Mission Detox. The Cleanse is a lemonade concoction made of fresh lemon juice, Grade B Maple Syrup, purified water and cayenne pepper. It does not taste as unpleasant as it sounds. Last year I tried The Master Cleanse and felt amazing afterwards. My skin was glowing and my stomach was flatter than flat; it cleansed away those Grey Goose and Tonics. It is suggested to stay on The Cleanse for 10 days. Let's be honest here that is a few days too long for me. I'm not Beyonce. I will try four to five days. For those unaware, you can either gain weight or loose weight on The Cleanse, depending on how many glasses you drink and the amount of maple syrup you add. I will keep everyone posted on the status of my sanity. Yesterday, I started drinking The Lemonade; I have not had a bite to eat since Sunday evening. Today is Day 3 of Mission Detox. So far sanity is intact. 

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ricola said...

How's it going?

Ryan said...

Hi Ricola,

I did complete the cleanse. I am now eating very light. vegetable, miso soups and light sushi. Nothing too heavy yet. I really want a slice of NYC pizza!

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