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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jewelry & Men

Some say men should stay clear of jewelry with the exception of a watch and wedding band. I think minimal amounts of the right piece or pieces enhance your style. Although you should completely avoid resembling a rapper- only Donatella Versace can pull of wearing more bling than a rapper without looking like a fool. How can a man wear jewelry without looking obnoxious?

Purchasing jewelry is a personal experience more so than purchasing a pair of oxfords from Jeffery's. When a man purchases jewelry it should not be about the latest fad or newest Bulgari trinket. Anyone wealthy enough can afford and ice-out bauble but what does that say other than, "I can afford diamonds." I love a piece of jewelry that has character and I don't mean some revoltingly obnoxious piece of jewelry- like an oversized chain with diamond encrusted rims and spinner, how awful. Always remember you want to wear your jewelry not let your jewelry wear you. It should only subtly accent or enhance your wardrobe. You want to avoid someone seeing a piece on you from across the street and around the corner.   

Philip Crangi, jewelry designer extraordinaire, designs for his namesake high-end jewelry collection, Philip Crangi Collection and Giles and Brother, a seasonal collection of costume and sterling silver jewelry. Philip Crangi forges brass and sterling silver into great unique looking pieces. Two of my favorite pieces are the Tubes Necklace with blue and brass beads and the Railroad Spike Cuff. Both pieces have great character and good conversation pieces. His pieces a relatively affordable but you would not know by looking at it which is the best part.  

Style #M285 Brass Tubes with Blue Beads $105
Style #M246 Brass Railroad Cuff $95

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Anonymous said...

I love a man who wears jewellery, i insist mine does!
my favourite place to shop for male jewellery is Kabiri. new designers who have caught my eye are macha, scosha and emilie morris. have a look at their men's site:


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