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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cashmere for Spring's Temperature Shifts

Everyone is relieved spring has finally arrived who could bear another 20-degree winter day? Spring usually brings forth tons of rain along with sartorial confusion. This past Sunday the weather was perfection; I was actually a bit annoyed at my extra layer when I left home.  My irritation turned to relief and was thankful I wore my lined cashmere cardigan when I felt a sudden chill in the air. Spring's menopausal up and down shift in temperature can cause uncertainty in what to wear. Cashmere sweaters are perfect for those in between temperature days when it's not cold enough for your Paddington inspired wool coat but too chilly to wear a leather jacket and LNA v-neck tee. 

For spring SPURR, a Barney's coveted brand, is offering cashmere sweaters in flattering springtime hues like lilac and turquoise. They are perfect pops of color for your black leather jacket or trench coat and look great with either black or brown. When you layer with SPURR's versatile lightweight cashmere you will not appear bulky. Wear it over a collard shirt or tee for a relaxed look. If you are bored at nausea with you're grey and black cashmere sweaters- SPURR is bound to entertain and brighten your closet with their springtime hued cashmere sweaters.

Price: 575
Barneys NY & LA

U-Neck Turquoise Sweater
Price: 575
Barneys NY & LA

Store Locator
660 Madison Ave, NYC

9570 Wilshire Blvd

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