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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Look of the Day

Calvin Klein Collection
Spring/Summer 09

Image via

Two More Days for Topman

My anxiety for the Topshop and Topman grand opening rose to new heights when I received my Dexter Wong for Topman jumpsuit in the mail; which is amazing, by the way. In a few days, we will no longer have to anxiously wait outside our doorsteps for our Topman deliveries. On April 2nd, we will be in high-street heaven when Topshop opens their New York City SoHo location. I expect sheer pandemonium and foresee a line from Broadway to Bergdorf's. 

Happy Shopping!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Food For Thought: The Shopping Experience

Fashion icon Diana Vreeland is known for her style, class and legendary quotes. One of my favorites from her autobiography, D.V., is found in Chapter 21; where she writes about the differences shopping in Paris and America. The quote reads, "...In America it's different. Bloomingdale's is the end of shopping because there isn't anyone to wait on you; you just sort of admire things." She goes on to say, "So you go out into the street with tears in your eyes: you've accomplished nothing and you've lost your health!" That is usually the case when one shops at Bloomingdale's and Macy's today. D.V. was published in New York circa 1984 and we are faced with the same shopping experiences today, 25 years later! Could you die?!

Yesterday evening, I was dragged to Macy's to endure yet another painful shopping experience.  My mom and I proceeded to The Cellar to find not one "floorwalker," as Ms. Vreeland would say, able to properly assist us. My mom finds what she is looking for and we proceed to the register. Unfortunately, there was a discrepancy with pricing, "Isn't there a sale on the chef knives?" My mom asks. She responds, "I don't know," with a blank stare- as if my mom asked were diabetic syringes found behind the Ralph Lauren bedding. She then drags her feet, in the worst flats, to the other side of the room in the slowest motion I have ever seen in life. Is this as painful to read, as it was to endure? She slowly returned to the cash wrap, more confused than before, and phones a manager. To make a long story short, I removed the sign off the wall and brought it to the cash wrap. Confusion resolved. We purchased the chef knife along with the sharpener and hauled ass. 

Macy's Inc., owns Macy's and Bloomingdale's, sadly they have lain off hundreds of employees. These economic times are tough for many to get by. Customers are not shopping like they used to.  The most rational idea would be to provide every customer with the utmost customer service; that is if you want to see revenue. Better service equals more revenue which equals more jobs and less lay off's; you do not need to be a CFO to figure out that equation! Make customers want to shop; give them a reason. We shouldn't have to loose our health upon entering a shop.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Look of the Day

Whilst surfing New York Magazine, I came across this photo of Bryan Powers at the Cynthia Rowley Spring 09 fashion show. This ensemble is very smart and well executed. It takes serious sartorial balls to pull this look off and not look like a tart. The fit of the plaid jacket is perfect and the black satin piping makes it even better. The yellow tie was a perfect choice and picks up the yellow in the jacket. Blue jeans and silver sneakers were not an obvious choice but completes the outfit and it works. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get Some Skin On Gilt Groupe

Kim Seybert's motto is Life is a Banquet, since you are dressed for it why not deck out your bar with Kim's brilliant barware. Not only will you be dressed to impress but so will your bareware.

If you are not a Gilt Groupe Member click here to start your membership. Remember shopping with Gilt Groupe is a Guilt Free Shopping Experience.

Happy Shopping!

Kim Seybert Sale, Wednesday, March 25 at Noon EST

Snakeskin utensils (Set of 4)
Orig: $85 Gilt Price: $38

Snakeskin Shaker
Orig: $80 Gilt Price: $35

Snakeskin Wine Cooler
Orig: $85 Gilt Price: $38

Snakeskin Ice Bucket & Tongs (See Above)
Orig: $150 Gilt Price: $65

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Elie Tahari Sample Sale

Hi Guys,

Elie Tahari's sample sale starts next Tuesday. Can you believe we are already going into April? You can not beat the prices they are offering so I figured I write a post to inform everyone.

Happy Shopping!

70%-85 % off Original Prices Men's, Women's and Accessories.

Tuesday, March 31-Friday, April 3rd
8:30 am-7:30 pm

Saturday, April 4th
10:00 am- 5 pm

Men's Knits from $19
Men's shirts from $39

510 Fifth Avenue
Entrance on 43rd Street

All Sales are Final. Cash, Visa, MasterCard & Amex- No Personal Checks

Cashmere for Spring's Temperature Shifts

Everyone is relieved spring has finally arrived who could bear another 20-degree winter day? Spring usually brings forth tons of rain along with sartorial confusion. This past Sunday the weather was perfection; I was actually a bit annoyed at my extra layer when I left home.  My irritation turned to relief and was thankful I wore my lined cashmere cardigan when I felt a sudden chill in the air. Spring's menopausal up and down shift in temperature can cause uncertainty in what to wear. Cashmere sweaters are perfect for those in between temperature days when it's not cold enough for your Paddington inspired wool coat but too chilly to wear a leather jacket and LNA v-neck tee. 

For spring SPURR, a Barney's coveted brand, is offering cashmere sweaters in flattering springtime hues like lilac and turquoise. They are perfect pops of color for your black leather jacket or trench coat and look great with either black or brown. When you layer with SPURR's versatile lightweight cashmere you will not appear bulky. Wear it over a collard shirt or tee for a relaxed look. If you are bored at nausea with you're grey and black cashmere sweaters- SPURR is bound to entertain and brighten your closet with their springtime hued cashmere sweaters.

Price: 575
Barneys NY & LA

U-Neck Turquoise Sweater
Price: 575
Barneys NY & LA

Store Locator
660 Madison Ave, NYC

9570 Wilshire Blvd

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunglasses At Night

Remember the 80's hit by Corey Hart, Sunglasses at Night; it plays in my head when I notice someone wearing oversized Gucci aviators after dusk. The Sartorial violation should secure wearers a runners-up position on Vh1's Tool Academy. How are they able to see? I can barely see during the day without shades nevertheless in a dark club with sunnies on. Perhaps they are worn to disguise drunkenness or too many Sugar Booger hits. Whatever the case, sunglasses at night is a major fashion faux pas visible on any night of the week, especially on weekends, when Bridge and Tunnel folks come out to play with their spiky hair and tan a l'orange. Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory and Do Not Disturb sign but not during moonlit hours. Friends don't let friends shade at night. 

Gucci plastic aviators 
Price: $395

SOS: Save On Style Fashions Sample Sale

Hi Everyone,

Openhouse Gallery is featuring SOS (Save On Style) Fashions sample sale, which offers high-end designers like Trussardi, Ferre, Cavalli, Versace, and Jil Sander at affordable prices. The sale runs from March 26-April 5th, everyday from Noon to 8 pm. The sale sounds major. Hope to see you guys there. 

201 Mulberry St.
New York 10012

Friday, March 20, 2009

Brian Atwood's Role Play Event

Last night Brian Atwood celebrated the launch of his latest project, a photography book entitled, Role Play Rene; shot by photographer Tony Duran. Inside, you can see models in erotic poses donning Brian Atwood's lovely shoes and bags. The event was a major success with New York's notable socials like Byrdie Bell, Fabiola Beracasa, Genevieve Jones and Elise Overland just to name a few. Nate Berkus was also there to show his partner some love. For images of the event visit Openhouse Gallery

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Topman Free Shipping

Topman is offering FREE Shipping for a limited time only. Take advantage!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

YSL's Exotic Logo-less Card Holder

When men go out we do not need too much, a credit card or two, a few bills and a Metro Card, lip balm to kiss the special someone and our keys to take them home... if you're lucky. I forgot gum, trust me you are not getting lucky with bad breathe. Sometimes a few bills and multiple credit cards can be a bit bulky. There is nothing worse than having a bulky wallet in your Gucci trousers. If you place it in your back pocket it appears like you have a lumpy ass cheek and if you put it in your front pocket, well you know, it looks like your happy to see someone. Plus, your wallet will make the trousers material stretch around its shape; in other words, bad business for your trousers.

I came across this lovely blue ostrich credit card holder from Yves Saint Laurent. Other than ostrich being my favorite exotic skin- the second best feature is it bears no logo. The holder is offered in blue, black, ivory and khaki green. It features a slot on both sides and an additional center slot, which is perfect for your bills. Really, how many credit cards do you need when you are out? A debit card, a credit card and a couple of bills for tips and a taxi as well, when you are both too sloshed to take the train.

3 East 57th Street
Price: $245

*Additional colors are available at the YSL Boutique- Ask for Carlo he's the best!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jewelry & Men

Some say men should stay clear of jewelry with the exception of a watch and wedding band. I think minimal amounts of the right piece or pieces enhance your style. Although you should completely avoid resembling a rapper- only Donatella Versace can pull of wearing more bling than a rapper without looking like a fool. How can a man wear jewelry without looking obnoxious?

Purchasing jewelry is a personal experience more so than purchasing a pair of oxfords from Jeffery's. When a man purchases jewelry it should not be about the latest fad or newest Bulgari trinket. Anyone wealthy enough can afford and ice-out bauble but what does that say other than, "I can afford diamonds." I love a piece of jewelry that has character and I don't mean some revoltingly obnoxious piece of jewelry- like an oversized chain with diamond encrusted rims and spinner, how awful. Always remember you want to wear your jewelry not let your jewelry wear you. It should only subtly accent or enhance your wardrobe. You want to avoid someone seeing a piece on you from across the street and around the corner.   

Philip Crangi, jewelry designer extraordinaire, designs for his namesake high-end jewelry collection, Philip Crangi Collection and Giles and Brother, a seasonal collection of costume and sterling silver jewelry. Philip Crangi forges brass and sterling silver into great unique looking pieces. Two of my favorite pieces are the Tubes Necklace with blue and brass beads and the Railroad Spike Cuff. Both pieces have great character and good conversation pieces. His pieces a relatively affordable but you would not know by looking at it which is the best part.  

Style #M285 Brass Tubes with Blue Beads $105
Style #M246 Brass Railroad Cuff $95

Master Cleanse: Mission Detox

It is a known fact excessive drinking takes a toll on the body. Although I'm not putting a straw to a bottle of Grey Goose every evening- I do enjoy drinks with friends whenever possible. With that said, a few drinks here and their over time affects the body. I have come to the conclusion; I am not 21 anymore and cannot drink without waking feeling dehydrated or a light-headed. To avoid this, one should drink water between rounds but this is not a post on how to avoid a hangover. 

Every couple of months one should cleanse the body of all impurities- alcohol; meats, fried foods and sugars are not the best for your body. Although, I have given up red meat year's ago- I still eat chicken and fish- pork on a rare occasion for cultural reasons. On Sunday, I started Part Un of Mission Detox; I visited the Russian and Turkish baths in the East Village to sweat away my impurities. The Russian Sauna is hard-core; it is extremely hot. Buckets are provided so you can pour shockingly cold water onto yourself, once the heat is unbearable. Needless to say, I was not there for long; I preferred the Turkish Steam room, a room heated my radiators. Once the heat becomes overbearing, step up to the cold shower to refresh. I stayed for about 2 hours sitting and sweating in various rooms and left feeling great; it was a great start for my journey on Detox Lane. 

Whole Foods was my next destination; where I purchased the ingredients for The Master Cleanse Part Deux of Mission Detox. The Cleanse is a lemonade concoction made of fresh lemon juice, Grade B Maple Syrup, purified water and cayenne pepper. It does not taste as unpleasant as it sounds. Last year I tried The Master Cleanse and felt amazing afterwards. My skin was glowing and my stomach was flatter than flat; it cleansed away those Grey Goose and Tonics. It is suggested to stay on The Cleanse for 10 days. Let's be honest here that is a few days too long for me. I'm not Beyonce. I will try four to five days. For those unaware, you can either gain weight or loose weight on The Cleanse, depending on how many glasses you drink and the amount of maple syrup you add. I will keep everyone posted on the status of my sanity. Yesterday, I started drinking The Lemonade; I have not had a bite to eat since Sunday evening. Today is Day 3 of Mission Detox. So far sanity is intact. 

If you have any questions about Mission Detox please feel free to email me at

Monday, March 9, 2009

Add Some Color

Color is having a major moment this spring/summer. Designers like Jil Sander, Calvin Klein and Dior Homme sent explosive colors down the runway. You might remember the tri-color blazer at Jil Sander I wrote about for the Color Me Bad post. The trends that Calvin Klein or Givenchy create for the season set the tone and trickle down to high-street stores like Zara, Club Monaco and H&M. 

Club Monaco is known for their signature color palette of black, white and grey- in addition to featuring minimal pops of color. This season they are offering colorful pops of yellow and electric blue; take these colors and pair them with your basics, mix and match, which is the perfect way of staying on trend without looking like a fashion victim. 

The color of this cardigan is an easy color to wear and is flattering on everyone no matter the skin tone. Perfect with a white collared shirt and trousers or shirtless over a pair of jeans. Keep in mind; you should never take the looks designers' send down the runway too literally. Although it would be amazing to see someone at the DMV in a tri-color Jil Sander blazer with matching red trousers, but really whom am I kidding?

Cardigan $129, White Collared Shirt $89, Blue Pin-stripped Trousers $129, and Jeans $129 all by Club Monaco.

Club Monaco 
160 5th Ave (Bet. 21 & 20th St)


Hi Everyone,

Critically acclaimed men's wear label and Bergdorf Goodman favorite, SPURR, will go on sale on at 12 PM EST.

If you are not a member of Gilt Groupe, they have made a special link for the readers of What He Wears, so you can shop their great deals. 

Happy Shopping!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Dance In Disco Lapels

On Monday, I featured a Martin Margiela ensemble for the Look of the Day. has the Disco inspired blazer available for purchase in either black or white. The sequence on the shawl lapel are meant to cleverly fall off through time. So after a night of drinking copious amounts of Perrier Jouet and you awaken pondering why the sequence of your two thousand dollar blazer are on the bedroom floor- remember it's supposed to happen. 

This is the perfect blazer for black tie events or pair it with black skinnies and Derby lace-ups for a night out. If your cool enough, you could wear it to the wedding your significant other has been forcing you to attend.

Disco Mirror Lapel Blazer
Price: $1,895

Thursday, March 5, 2009

America The Prudiful

Premier outdoor advertising company Van Wagner has rejected an Armani|Exchange New York Meatpacking ad, deeming it "too racy." The ad featured Click model Parker Gregory bare-bottomed getting dressed and Rianne ten Haken on top of Kerry Degman. Will the ad cause a traffic jam or two? Yes, but that is nothing new to the Big Apple anyway. Here in the States, everything is so censored; you cannot show pubes on magazine covers because someone will get offended. You cannot have an image of someone smoking on a magazine cover because it glamorizes smoking. Give me a bloody break! European magazines like French Vogue and Vogue Hommes International, are so refreshing, they'll show pubes on the cover like it's no big deal- because really it isn't. Then publishers have the audacity to question poor magazine and ad sales. Who wants to buy a magazine or purchase space in a magazine that puts out the same bloody covers every month? 

Lets return to the issue at hand here, we all have bums and adults that do not get Brazilian's regularly, have pubs. Why are we so prude or conservative in the States? Why is it such a big deal to show a bare bum on a billboard or pubes on magazine covers? 

Gucci Moccasins For A Summertime Statement

Yet again, I found myself shopping the Gucci website and came across these fun multi-colored tasseled moccasins; perfect for a South Beach weekend getaway. Pair them with rolled white 501's and an ice blue pima cotton Henley, for a relaxed Sunday Brunch or white Bermuda shorts with matching jacket and lavender collared shirt, for Mojito's with friends. A shoe with this much detailing should speak for itself. If you are looking for a summer shoe that makes a statement this is it. 

Perhaps statement shoes aren't your style- offers the moccasin in two colors, the other in light brown leather, which is pretty damn handsome.

Multi-colored Leather Trim Moccasins
Price: $635 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Adam Lippes For Mango

Adam Lippes created a spring capsule collection for Mango that will be available in stores later this month. The sites official website has posted a sneak preview of the collaboration. The collection is very Adam Lippes- classic pieces with a refined modern style. For HE, Adam's inspiration was New York; the collection is made up of versatile garments with a mixture of classic and casual elements. The collections color palette consist grays and blues accented by deep yellow, stone and purple. The collection also features leather jackets, printed shirts and a Prince of Wales suit in grey, perfect for that Hampton's shindig. Trousers will run $99 and jackets $159 minus the lovely NYC tax. If you want affordable basic and classic pieces that will mix well with your Ralph Lauren and Sperry Topsiders this is the collection for you. Very easy no fuss clothing that will wear next summer and the summer after. Sounds like a deal, non?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Charge It On My Cavalli Card, Thank You!

If Roberto Cavalli were to merge with MasterCard what would come about? A multi-colored python card of course, for clients eating, drinking, breathing the Cavalli lifestyle. The Cavalli Card launches this week during the Milan shows. "If you have the card, you are apart of my fashion club. This is a really sick card. May I be apart of your fashion club Signore Cavalli?[Via]

According to New York Magazine, Cavalli hosted a lavish dinner of 300 guests with lots of white roses, lots of food, white wine and furniture covered in Cavalli fabrics. 

Look of the Day

This is a look from Maison Martin Margiela's Spring/Summer 09 collection. The white and silver sequenced shawl collar blazer is killer. Disco-inspired embellishments were to toast the 10th Anniversary of Maison Martin Margiela. The tank under blazer is a cool look. Perhaps this was the source of Joe Jonas' inspiration. [Photo via]

Swear's On The Two-Tone

Swear-London is a high street retailer that offers footwear for men and women at affordable price points. They are always on trend and carry footwear inspired by luxury brands like Lanvin and Dior Homme. I saw these two-tone black and putty cap toe lace-ups for £90 equivalent to about $127. Sure beats paying $900 and more for lace-ups. The also ship worldwide via UPS. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

New York Magazine Hosts Bloomingdale's Event

New York Magazine is hosting a Spring Wardrobing Event on Thursday, March 12, from 6-8PM at The Men's Store in SOHO. Cocktails will be served; they must get everyone liquored-up so they can spend their tax returns on new spring fashions. Hors d'oeuvres, cigar rolling, shoe shines and advice from, What He Wears advertiser Lab Series Skin Care, will be offered.

Take 30% off all dress shirts and ties and an additional 25% your shirt and tie when a suit is purchased. Additionally, when you will receive a $500 gift card with a purchase of $2000 or more.

This sounds like a pretty cool event. It is an invite only event so RSVP by March 6th- I already have.

Call 212.729.5198 to RSVP

Alessandro Dell'Acqua Sample Sale

Shop men's shirts, trousers, sweaters, shoes and belts marked at 70% off wholesale. 

Sale Dates: March 4-7th
Sale Times: Wed-Sat 10am-6pm
Location: 30 West 57th St, 4th Fl
          Between 5th and 6th Aves
          New York, NY 10019

Cash/Charge Only- All Sales Final

Happy Shopping!
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