Lab Series (ELC)

Friday, February 27, 2009

You Don't Need Jeans To Be Relaxed

Once again, I found myself surfing Gucci's website and decided to look at their Spring-Summer campaigns which features very young models frolicking with other models amongst rain forest greenery and enormous flowers; just as gorgeous as they are donning Gucci's latest. 

Their was an image of a skinny male model with perfect pouty lips and shaggy blonde hair with interesting facial features- posing on a rock effortlessly wearing brown trousers with a red strip going down the side, paired with Cognac hued tasseled loafers and a grey rain forest printed tee.

To wear jeans is to be comfortable- that is a misconception many have. So they wear jeans and a tee or worse, dreadful track pants. We have an option to keep us both comfortable and chic at the same time- that is how you should feel when you are getting dressed. Whether it is for everyday or a special occasion. Jeans aren't your only option. 

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