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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sartorial Demon- The Boxy Suit

Nothing irks me more than a boxy suit. I take that back, their are sweat pants, UGGs and the guy on the train that sneezes obnoxiously loud into his hand and proceeds to hold the pole-ugh. When a suit is ill-fitting it adds pounds to your frame and hides what you should show-off. I never understood why some men purposely purchase suits in larger sizes- if they only saw through my eyes! That was the case with Senad Pali, a Life-Insurance Agent who was ambushed on the streets of New York by GQ magazine. GQ ambushed seven New York businessmen on the streets to save their souls from the sartorial demon known as the ill-fitting suit, whilst staying within their budget. They additionally offer seven tips to keep you from selling your soul to the boxy suit like- "Streamline Your suit," "Dress Your Age," and "Mix the Right Patterns."

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Anonymous said...

As usual, GQ fails to understand that menswear is a multi-faceted thing. Of course thin men do well to have some waist suppression. Wide men, however, have little other choice but boxiness. And, to be fair, it is better to err on the side of largeness--waists can be taken in easier than let out.

Suits are best fitted to body type, not the whims and vagaries of fashion.

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