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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mix Colors Like Kanye West

The Sartorialist photographed Kanye West during the Milan men's shows.  Here is a perfect example of how to mix colors without looking like a tart. I've always been a fan of Kanye's style, although I'm not crazy about his new hair-do; he's one of the few men whose style I appreciate. The brown gloves beautifully compliment his red jacket; black would've been too harsh and obvious. Kanye pays great attention to detail- it's apparent in his music and fashion choices. Peep his subtle uses of gold; the gold-buttoned suede gloves, gold watch and cuff links. It is just enough gold without it seeming obnoxious. An additional detail that caught my attention was the purple/reddish flower in his pocket, tres chic. I'm a huge fan the trousers and sneakers look, when well executed; here is a prime example of how the trousers should fit. You can easily look like a sluggard if the trousers aren't the right fit. Colored socks are always a great choice for a monochromatic look, a pop of color or in his case, to compliment the red jacket. I almost forgot the luggage; not a fan of logos but how can you say no to Goyard?[Photo: via Scott Schuman]

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