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Monday, February 23, 2009

Men At The 2009 Oscar Awards

I was very impressed with the men at last nights Oscar Awards. Of course there were those whom never disappoint when they are on the red carpet, for example, Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig. Young Hollywood did not disappoint either- I thought Zac Efron looked amazingly handsome. There was something sexy about the fit of his Dolce and Gabbana tuxedo. He was one of my favorites of the evening. I'm actually shocked that I am saying that myself! Slumdog Millionaire's Dev Patel also looked great.  I've been watching his red carpet appearances and he is generally consistent. Dominic Cooper whom I have blogged about in the past- was dashingly handsome as well with his perfect little bow tie.  I thought Robert Pattinson cleaned up rather well; although the hem of his trousers could have been shorten a bit; I am such a stickler for the "perfect break!" He still looked great. 

In my opinion, Mickey Rourke owned the red carpet. Lets wait to hear what they say on E! tonight. Although his look was a bit more Rock and Roll- I thought it was still Oscar worthy. Josh Brolin and Pineapple Express star James Franco fell flat- nothing special or memorable about their appearance.  I was disappointed with James Franco everyone raves about him and he hits the red carpet and is a complete bore. Isn't he the new James Dean or something? Moving along, I am still on the fence with John Legend's brown suit. Did it fit him well? Absolutely! Did he look great in it? Absolutely! Did I like it for the Oscars? I'm still not sure. For me, it was very Easter Sunday. Sound crazy? 

I am uncertain what Joey Fatone was thinking wearing baggy suit trousers and trainers to the Oscars. It is the freaking Oscars for Pete's Sake! Not the Grammy's... Dress up! I know Peter Perfect is going to give him fever on E! Emile Hirche who is so handsome fell so flat. If I see those chunky soled lace-ups again I will probably loose my mind.

Here are the images of last nights Oscars.

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