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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Joe Jonas Lunches With Style

Joe Jonas was photographed stylishly lunching with girlfriend Camilla Belle at LA's Cafe du Village. Joe Jonas is young and has so much style- he has more style than most adults. I do not know of many that would wear a blazer to dinner nevertheless a lunch date with their girlfriend. Joe paired his shrunken blazer over a tank. Which is something a 17 year-old rock star can attempt and make it look cool. I would appear as if I trying way too hard if I wore a tank under a shrunken Dior blazer.  

I need some clarification. Can I even call a tank, a tank? It's probably not cool referring to it as a tank. I just despise the word Guinea Tee, and Wife Beater is just as bad, if not worse. A few months ago, I learned what a Guinea Tee is. Apparently, I must live in a bubble- the PYT that informed me looked at me as if I was Marvin the Martian. I don't care what she says I still do not like the word.

Photo via Just Jared.
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