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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Color Me Bad

Calvin Klein Spring 09

The brighter the better, was the tone many designers set for the Spring 09 collections. There were fluorescent suits at Calvin Klein, tri-color blazers paired with red trousers at Jil Sander and electric-blue pleated sweaters at Dior Homme. How are these colors worn- was the main question at The Wall Street Journal. Robin Walker, a Chicago-based image consultant suggests, "Limiting bright colors to the upper body, close to the face," additionally, "If you wear it on your lower half, that's exactly where people are going to look first." I beg to differ, in my opinion, it's easier to wear brighter colors on top. You want people to look at your face when they are speaking to you, not your crotch. If someone is speaking at your crotch, for your sake, I hope clothes aren't on. Additionally, wearing bottoms in subdued hues is more practical. Chances are you might wear that cobalt blue button-down next season, opposed to a pair of cobalt blue trousers.[WSJ]

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Jil Sander Spring 09

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