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Monday, February 9, 2009

Bally's New Collection Shouts Work and Longevity

Jessica Michault of the International Herald Tribune attended Bally's Winter 09 Men's Wear Presentation. She interviewed Creative Director Brian Atwood to discuss the latest collection. Jessica asked a few good questions, for example, "How do you plan on enticing people who are accounting their pennies to come to Bally and spend their hard-earned cash?" That is a question every designer should have in mind prior to designing a collection- especially in this lovely recession, non? With many unemployed, why should we shop at Bally or any other brand? With this question in mind, designers able to get in-touch with and retain their core clients, or even attain new ones. Brian's response, "...Great coats, great leather jackets, great suiting- new at Bally, great hand-made suiting... it's about having great items in a new wardrobe that you are not going to throw away. It's about longevity wearing it and using it." I know that's right!

I feel clients are yearning for special pieces but pieces special enough to force one to wear it next season and the following. I hate to hear ostentatious chatter about not wearing something of last season. I own a pair of black Dior high-tops from Barney's I bought a few years ago (that I cherish) and continue to wear them with everything from American Apparel v-neck tees to Club Monaco blazers. I know this is a men's wear blog, but I appreciate Mary-Kate Olsen's style- she clearly has more money than God and still wears the same tore-up Balenciaga booties as if they were newly purchased from Jeffery's and always looks great wearing them.

By what I have seen in the video, the collection seems as if it is something worth paying a trip to Bally and checking out the, "Back to Work Collection."

To watch the video Click on the blog title. Enjoy the Video!

628 Madison Avenue, NYC

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