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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Washing Raw Denim

One of my clients informed me about an A.P.C promotion; they are taking off $50 a new pair of jeans when you drop off your old pair. This tidbit lead me to the A.P.C website; to browse for a new pair of jeans, considering I've worn my Dior Homme jeans to holes, literally, I can use a new pair. No? Whilst browsing their collection, I came across denim-washing recipes.  I thought it was a genius idea.  I get so many questions regarding how to properly wash raw denim. 

In July a year had gone since I purchased my Dior Homme's and it was time to wash my favorite pair. I've read about a technique that recommends you wear your raw denim as you immerse yourself in lukewarm water for a half hour with light detergent. I know it sounds a bit mad but it worked well. When it was time to dry them, I let them sun dry on my body; thank god it was a hot July afternoon. Attempting that technique on a day like today would be sadistic. As the denim dried it started to take my bodies shape. 

After reading APC's four denim-washing recipes, I noticed my technique wasn't so mad after all. With the exception of letting them dry on the body, it does sound a bit extreme. Click on the link below to read about A.P.C's infamous denim-washing techniques.  

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