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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New York Falls Into A Chill

I had a meeting downtown this afternoon and it was a rather windy and brisk day in New York, loves it. Give me a brisk day over New York during the summer; it's the last place I want to be in July. New York in the fall is at its best, the foliage, cashmere, leather, suede, and fur (get over it PETA!) Fall gives you options. With a day like today, it's time to break out cashmere and wool. If you have not been on you must see this cashmere, wool, and down vest by Bamford and Sons, it's amazing!  The vest is filled with Goose Down and has leather trimmings on the pockets and collar. Oh the luxuries that fall bring. An added plus are the internal pockets for your cell phone and Ipod. Zenga manufactures the wool and cashmere of this handsome vest, so expect a made in Italy tag. FYI, they produce and distribute worldwide for the Tom Ford label, so you know you are getting good shit folks.

To purchase this item click on the "Shop at Gilt" link found in the shopping section.

Happy Shopping!

Bamford and Sons Vest
Gilt Price:  $728

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